we have long hesitated whether to release the affordable Xbox Series S

we have long hesitated whether to release the affordable Xbox Series S

The Verge spoke with the director of the gaming division of Microsoft Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer). In an interview, the leader said that his team had long doubted the need to produce a cheap new generation Xbox Series S console. And the main argument against the creation of such a console was Sony’s policy, which always relied on one productive device.

Phil Spencer stated: “This is actually a story about expansion: how we can expand the audience that will join the launch euphoria [консолей], excitement and everything that happens and make the entrance as accessible as possible for people. We thought about getting as many users as possible to the gaming whirlwind and introducing them to this art form we love. There has always been opposition, but we want to grow and find new customers ”

“I would say that the best argument against creating [сразу двух консолей нового поколения] was Sony, Phil Spencer continued. – We didn’t think they would go the same way. “

The director then spoke about the production of the Xbox Series X and Series S. According to him, Sony started building the PlayStation 5 earlier, so it was able to bring more consoles to the market. Microsoft, on the other hand, launched the pipelines at the end of the summer, as it waited for AMD chips to supply “One specific technology”

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