WhatsApp accuses Apple of anti-competitive behavior due to new privacy labels

WhatsApp accuses Apple of anti-competitive behavior due to new privacy labels

The popular messaging service WhatsApp has criticized Apple’s new policy that requires developers to provide information about what user data they collect. This data is collected to create new privacy labels in the App Store that will accompany all software posted on the site.

The message also said that Apple’s new policy is anti-competitive, since its own messenger iMassage is pre-installed on the company’s devices and is not placed in the App Store. This means that users will not see Apple’s messenger privacy shortcuts and therefore may get the impression that iMassage is the safest product.

We believe that labels should be consistent across native and third-party apps, and reflect the steps apps are taking to protect people’s privacy.“- said in a statement the developers of WhatsApp. They also noted the importance of providing users with the ability to compare privacy shortcuts between downloaded and pre-installed applications such as iMassage.

Apple first announced privacy labels at WWDC 2020, stating that the innovation will help users better understand what data an app collects. Starting December 8, 2020, developers who post their software products on the App Store are required to provide information about what kind of user information their applications collect. Exactly when the privacy labels will be displayed in the App Store and become available for viewing by ordinary users is still unknown.

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