WhatsApp launches privacy update despite user feedback

WhatsApp launches privacy update despite user feedback


Anna Savelieva | 02/19/2021

WhatsApp launches privacy update despite user feedback

The company said it will not rush users and will allow them to read the new rules “at their own pace,” and will also display a banner in the app with additional information.

Recall that in January, the platform announced upcoming changes to its privacy policy and the intention to share a number of user
data from Facebook and services that are part of its ecosystem. The announcement caused massive discontent and an exodus of people to competing apps like Telegram and Signal. Despite the adopted
the decision to postpone the updates until May, as well as attempts to explain why the changes are needed, the company does not abandon its plans.

The new rules will allow users to communicate more effectively with companies and make purchases in the messenger, and will not affect personal correspondence. As WhatsApp noted on its blog, people can use the innovations only at will and are not required to do so. In any
In this case, the company is not able to read and listen to the correspondence due to end-to-end encryption.

To increase mutual understanding and better clarify your position, the application uses the “Status” function. Over the next weeks, a banner will appear on WhatsApp with additional
information, which will explain in detail how and why some measures are implemented. For example, one of the add-ons that requires interaction with Facebook is company cards. From their
With the help, sellers will be able to manage data about their assortment in the application, and buyers, based on additional information in the messenger, decide whether to contact a particular company.


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