Wild Rift launched closed beta testing, but not everywhere yet

Wild Rift launched closed beta testing, but not everywhere yet

California studio Riot Games in a new press release announced the transfer of its mobile MOBA, called League of Legends: Wild Rift, to the closed beta stage.

The tests will take place on devices running Android during “Several weeks”: Indonesians will be the first to get beta access, followed by the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, and the rest of the world in the coming months.

Participants selected from among those registered on the game page on Google Play will be connected to testing gradually, while invited bloggers and journalists will have access with the release of Wild Rift in their region.

As for League of Legends: Wild Rift for iOS devices, this version will be tested simultaneously with the closed beta. To get a chance to participate, you need to register on the official website.

The developers also talked about the innovations that await users of the beta version:

  • Six new champions – Amumu, Doctor Mundo, Jarvan VI, Sona, Sinjed, and Varus
  • Over 300 new cosmetic items – skins, emotes and Return effects, as well as new items like champion poses, Gulch emblems and kill effects;
  • Wild Cores currency – used to purchase in-game items, purchased for real money;
  • ranked games – a competitive mode in which you can compete for a place in the table of the best players in the ranked queue;
  • new rank – Emerald;
  • new features – a partially fixed camera, a mini-camera for global skills, movement on the mini-map, and the ability to change button assignments.

For October, the developers have planned to reset the progress of all accounts. At the same time, all Wild Cores spent with a 20% bonus will be returned to the players as a sign of gratitude for their help in the development of the project.

Riot Games has also promised to share further plans for League of Legends: Wild Rift in October. Apart from Android and iOS, the game is intended for consoles – which ones are not specified.

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