Will the Sber ecosystem lose joint ventures with Mail.ru?

Will Sber’s ecosystem lose joint ventures with Mail.ru?


Natalia Solovieva | 11/24/2020

Will the Sber ecosystem lose joint ventures with Mail.ru?

According to the Financial Times, which refers to informed sources wishing to remain anonymous, Sberbank (until recently Sberbank of the Russian Federation) is negotiating
property with Mail.ru Group. Whether it will take place is still unknown.

Creation of its own JV O2O Holding, which included the Citymobil taxi application, the Delivery Club restaurant ordering application, SberFood company, YouDrive carsharing,
SberMarket stores, DC Daily food vending machines and Performance Group, Sberbank of the Russian Federation and Mail.ru announced the delivery of ready-made meals in the summer of 2019. On its basis, the partners intended to create
Russia’s leading platform in mobility and food technology.

The deal, for the financing of which the partners intended to send a total of about 64.6 billion rubles, was closed in December last year. In the joint venture, the partners were supposed to have equal shares in
45.005%, the rest of the shares were supposed to be used to reward employees. In August 2020, according to official information, the partners invested in O2O Holding on equal terms 12 billion
rubles, assuming to send them to the development of the joint venture enterprises – the 2GIS cartographic service, the Samokat express delivery service, the Kitchen in the District project, etc.

As the press secretary of Mail.ru Sergey Luchin commented, Sberbank and Mail.ru are building two independent ecosystems and can compete in some areas, but this will not prevent them “from working together,
to develop our food technology and transportation assets on an equal footing. ”

However, judging by the information from insiders, this JV may already in the near future comprehend the fate of two large joint projects created by Sberbank of the Russian Federation and the Internet portal Yandex – Yandex.Market
and Yandex.Money. Recall that at the beginning of last summer, the bank and the Internet portal decided to curtail the strategic partnership and divide the assets, since, according to experts, they could not work out
common views on the development of their own ecosystems, intersecting in many market segments, and joint projects.

According to the Financial Times, Sberbank and Mail.ru are already negotiating the termination of the joint venture, since they have not been able to get rid of managerial and cultural differences.
agree on goals and objectives, and come to a consensus on the basis of their common ecosystem. For example, sources say, Mail.ru suggested using its own social network as such.
VKontakte, and Sberbank has its own financial platform. However, the negotiations have not yet led to any results, and the parties have not been able to coordinate their interests.

But Sberbank of the Russian Federation is determined to obtain the status of a major participant in the technological sector of Russia, writes the Financial Times, and its executive director German Gref said that he wants to build
an ecosystem offering consumers everything from streaming entertainment to online mortgages and medical video consulting. So, for example, inspired by the success of Chinese super projects such as
WeChat and Alipay, according to the experts of the publication, Sberbank of the Russian Federation has carried out a large-scale rebranding, excluding the word “bank” from most of its products and replacing it with the general logo “Sberbank”. Over the next
For 5-6 years, Sberbank intends to invest 2.2-2.5 billion rubles (about $ 30 million) in this project, despite the fact that the rebranding was actively criticized by social media users, noting that the new logo
Sberbank is indistinguishable from dozens of others.

In addition, as German Gref stated in the media, in the future Sberbank plans to expand its ecosystem in the field of e-commerce – this is a priority area of ​​development.

“We do not hide the fact that this direction is very interesting for us. This is the main part of the task that we have not yet solved, so our efforts will be directed towards this, ”he said. However, the pending deal
on joining the ecosystem of the online retailer Ozon, the information about which was discussed at the beginning of this summer, did not take place.

True, the IT company Yandex also recently fell through a deal to buy Tinkoff Bank, which could have become
the largest in the non-resource market, and which could make an IT company not only the most noticeable competitor of Sberbank of the Russian Federation, but also one of the largest figures in the domestic segment of financial

VTB Bank and AFK Sistema conglomerate have similar ambitions – to cover 95 million active Internet users in Russia with services and services, the newspaper reports.

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