Will the Huawei P50 get interchangeable lenses?

Will the Huawei P50 get interchangeable lenses?

The flagships of Huawei are well known for their high-quality cameras, which invariably occupy first places in the DxOMark ratings. But the Chinese company, under sanctions, is thinking of how to improve the quality of the photo. One of the options under consideration is the installation of interchangeable lenses. Huawei even patented such a solution. Similar functionality may appear in the Huawei P50 as early as next year.

Huawei patent data was found in the database of the European Office Intellectual Property (EUIPO). The source does not provide specific technical details, but judging by the picture, the camera of such a promising Huawei smartphone will be represented by a block of two modules. It will be possible to attach various interchangeable lenses to one of them. Moreover, the size of the lens is small, but it can provide decent optical zoom.

It is too early to talk about the commercial prospects of such a smartphone, since the mere presence of a patent does not guarantee that the idea will be embodied in a commercial device. But some future flagship such as the Huawei P50 could well have got such a camera to stand out in the highly competitive market under pressure from the United States.

Recall: Huawei P40 Pro still dominates the list of the best smartphones in the DxOMark camera quality rating. It is already known that the company is actively working on the P50 – this was officially announced by the representative of Huawei Wang Yongang (Wang Yonggang). P50 smartphones are expected to receive the latest 5nm Kirin 1000 chip, which is expected to debut in the Huawei Mate 40 this year. However, TSMC’s refusal to cooperate with Huawei could make this a much more distant prospect.

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