Windows 10 Build 20211 Now Available to Insiders in Early Access

Windows 10 Build 20211 Now Available to Insiders in Early Access

A new preview build of Windows 10, number 20211, is now available to members of the Microsoft Insider Program on the Dev (Early Access) channel. Along with it, users will get some changes, including the ability to search on the “Default Applications” page in the settings, as well as access to files and Linux file systems in Windows Subsystem for Linux.

In the process of configuring default applications, it may turn out that the list of file types that need to be associated with certain programs is too long. Scrolling through this list manually is inconvenient, so the developers have added a search bar directly to the Default Apps page.

Another new assembly allows users to access Linux files and file systems from Windows. This allows members of the Insider Program to connect and mount drives via WSL. After the Linux filesystem is mounted, users will be able to access the files through explorer, which is quite convenient. This innovation should be appreciated by people who use Windows and Linux installed on different disks. It’s worth noting that currently, users can only mount physical disks, not partitions.

In addition, the developers have made a number of minor fixes aimed at improving the stability of the system and its individual components. While this update doesn’t do much, the features that come with it are useful. The ability to search the Default Applications page and mount Linux file systems are useful features that are sure to be in demand among users. For a full list of changes to Windows 10 Build 20211, visit the official developer blog.

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