Источник изображения: Reddit, Kenny_Stryker

Windows task manager can show cartoon, but Threadripper 3990X is needed

Mass events of the last century could not do without an “animated platform” at the stadium, in which “living pixels” with colored squares in their hands set in motion giant paintings. Something similar can be recreated using the Windows Task Manager (Task Manager), but for greater entertainment you will need a processor with 128 threads.

Image Source: Reddit, Kenny_Stryker

Image Source: Reddit, Kenny_Stryker

One of the Chinese enthusiasts came up with the idea of ​​using the Windows Task Manager panel as a primitive monochrome display that allows up to 128 separate “pixels” to be displayed when working with the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor. Since the degree of loading of each core is displayed in semitones, you can dynamically change the picture by controlling the load of the cores. The thing remained for small – to find software that would redistribute the load between threads in such a way as to obtain the desired visualization.

If this is not the correct way to use a 64-Core Processor, I don’t know what is. from r / pcmasterrace

The author showed an example of the work (see above, click to play) of the bundle from the video player and the “translator” for the task manager, using an animated movie with clear black and white borders. In the presentation under 128 “pixels” the picture in some places seems rude, but the general silhouettes resemble the original in many frames. Two streams are always loaded – they are occupied by the very programs that allow you to control all this “color music”. This is a rather original way to find application for all 128 threads of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor, because not all popular programs today are able to use the available computing resources of multi-core processors so effectively.

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