Неофициальные Apple Watch Series 5 Hermes в 24-каратном золотом корпусе

With Watch Series 6 launch, Apple will return the gold variant and introduce the budget SE version

In addition to launching the regular Series 6 watch, Apple may be gearing up to re-release a gold version of the product, as well as launching a discounted SE version. The company dropped over $ 10,000 with the launch of the Series 4 version in late 2018. It was not explained why: perhaps people did not want to pay so much for a device that would become obsolete in a couple of years.

Unofficial Apple Watch Series 5 Hermes in 24K Gold Case

Unofficial Apple Watch Series 5 Hermes in 24K Gold Case

But perhaps the Cupertino giant will reconsider this decision. If L0vetodream’s Twitter photos are real, then the Series 6 could get the Gold Edition and the good old five-figure dollar price tag. The photos show that the device comes with a set of leather straps and a dedicated charging case.

The packaging, it seems, can act as a wireless charger – it received a Lightning connector on the side. Except for price, looks, and luxurious case material, the Apple Watch Series 6 Gold model should be the same as the regular one.

But in addition to the expensive premium model, Apple may offer a budget version of the device. As a reminder, the company sold everything at a discount except for the Series 3 and 5. The rest of the versions can only be found in various stores, if stocks are not exhausted elsewhere.

But with the upcoming release of Series 6, it is likely that Series 3 will also stop selling. The price of this model has dropped to about $ 200 over the past year, which currently makes it a budget model, but in terms of technology, this device is already outdated and should be replace with something.

Tech analyst and whistleblower Komiya claims that Apple is preparing to release a version of the Apple Watch SE that will replace the Series 3. It will have the same old design, 16GB of storage, S6 and W4 chips, Bluetooth 5.0 support, and more. To keep the price down, only the 42mm aluminum version will be offered. In fact, this is a Series 3 with improved hardware. It is said that such a device will be launched in March next year at the current price of Series 3.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to be announced in early September along with the iPhone 12 family. According to reports, the device will receive a faster processor, sleep tracking support, blood oxygen sensor, improved fall detection and much more. This model along with the release of Gold and SE should help the Cupertino-based company maintain its leading position in the smartwatch market.

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