Скриншот уведомления WhatsApp о новых правилах

With WhatsApp’s new privacy policy being adopted, Microsoft advises switching to Skype

WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policy, which states that the company will share user data with Facebook to integrate with its other products. Users were outraged, and competitors did not fail to attract attention to themselves.

Screenshot of WhatsApp notification of new rules

Screenshot of WhatsApp notification of new rules

For example, a post was published on Skype on Twitter stating that maintaining the privacy of users’ personal data and refusing to transfer them to third parties is the priority of the messenger.

Also Elon Musk in his blog called on users to switch to the Signal messenger, which, according to the creator of SpaceX, is the most secure messaging service. Claims against WhatsApp, by the way, are not unfounded, because when the messenger was acquired by Facebook in 2014, its developers stated that they would never transfer user data.

The new rules for working with user data in WhatsApp will take effect on February 8, 2021.

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