Wu Kong clarified the release date of the game

Wu Kong clarified the release date of the game

IGN China recently visited Game Science to learn more about its new project, the action RPG Black Myth: Wu Kong for PC and unnamed consoles.

As a reminder, Black Myth: Wu Kong was announced at the end of August via a 13-minute gameplay demo. The video earned a lot of approving reviews and on the IGN channel alone has collected more than 5 million views.

Work on Black Myth: Wu Kong began in 2018. Since then, the team has grown from 7 to 30 people, and as a result of the success of the debut trailer, over 10,000 resumes have been sent to the studio. However, now Game Science Studio is looking for no more than 10-15 employees.

Black Myth: Wu Kong is created on Unreal Engine 4 and, according to the developers, will be released no earlier than three years. For release, Game Science Studio hopes to fill the game with content for at least 15 hours.

It took Game Science Studio about six months to develop the demo. The level shown is called Black Wind Mountain – an IGN employee confirmed that the video is not staged.

The journalist (one of the few outside the studio) was allowed to play Black Myth: Wu Kong. The reporter tried out Black Wind Mountain and the half-finished Toilet section with four bosses. In total, the game will have over a hundred types of enemies.

Despite two years of development, Black Myth: Wu Kong is still in its early stages of production. The next show, apparently, will not take place soon: Game Science Studio hopes to surpass the first demonstration.

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