X5 is looking for startups in India

X5 is looking for startups in India


Ekaterina Alexandrova | 03/16/2021

X5 is looking for startups in India

X5 Retail Group began searching for innovative solutions in the Indian market. The selection of startups will be held until March 31, 2021, and the results will be announced on April 28.

As part of scouting, X5 is looking for technological solutions for key areas of retail digitalization – consumer experience, in-store operations, supply chain, online commerce, automation
processes. The main requirements are a high degree of product readiness, applicability of the solution to X5 tasks, and availability for use in Russia. Based on the selection results, the best projects will be
commercially piloted on the X5 infrastructure.

“India’s innovation market is distinctive, ready for adaptation and partnership, actively developing through investments from IT giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. In addition to international major
investors from the USA and China, the technology market also receives constant support from the state. We hope that this project will result in long-term cooperation and exchange of experience “, – comments
Denis Levchenko, Head of Innovation at X5 Retail Group.

All proposals will be evaluated from a commercial point of view, implementation potential within 18 months and the possibility of customizing solutions for the Russian market. A number of companies will be offered
go to the POC (proof of concept) stage using X5 investments and infrastructure.

The partner and consultant for the scouting program is the national investment promotion agency Invest India, which operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce and

The selection of technology startups also continues in China, Israel, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Italy, France and Germany, as well as in the framework of collaborative innovations Retail Innovation Tech

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