Xbox CEO praises PlayStation 5 controller and explains why Xbox Series controller barely changed

Xbox CEO praises PlayStation 5 controller and explains why Xbox Series controller barely changed

The DualSense controller is one of the most interesting innovations in the PlayStation 5. The gamepad was liked by gamers, journalists and developers, and now the head of the Xbox, Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) spoke about the accessory of its main competitor in the console market.

In an interview with The Verge, Phil Spencer said he applauds what Sony has done with the DualShock. First of all, because DualSense will affect the industry. “I think all of us in the industry should learn from each other on the innovations that we are all promoting, whether it was the proliferation of a business model like Game Pass, or controller technology, or the Wii in the past, which obviously influenced us when we did Kinect and Sony did Move “– he added.

The head of Microsoft’s gaming division also talked about why the corporation did not try to implement any innovations in its controller for the Xbox Series X and S. According to Spencer, the Xbox gamepad has become a kind of standard (including outside of gaming scenarios). It even controls robots and industrial processes. This still surprises Spencer, and is the main reason why Microsoft hasn’t changed the controller much.

“We need to think about all the existing use cases. We cannot turn the controller inside out because many have expectations of how it should work. We have to innovate with this in mind, and we look at what other companies are doing to learn from this and see if it can be applied to what we do. “Spencer replied.

As a reminder, Microsoft is also releasing the advanced Xbox Elite controller, which features adjustable controls and petals on the back for a more comfortable gaming experience. Most likely, in the future, if the corporation introduces any innovations, they will initially appear in the controller of the “elite” series.

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