Xbox Game Studios' first release in 2021 will be an as yet unannounced game

Xbox Game Studios’ first release in 2021 will be an as yet unannounced game

Microsoft recently announced a list of Xbox console exclusives for 2021. Immediately after that, DICE employee Angel Kavazov announced that the list would be expanded in the future. “Many more unannounced games”… And now insiders have shared the details on this matter. These include the well-known Klobrille, who recently featured on the ResetEra forum. According to him, the first release of Xbox Game Studios in 2021 will be an unannounced project.

It all started with a question from a user under the pseudonym DJDoubleCream: “So what do you think Microsoft studios will release first in 2021?” The answer was given by Klobrille, who specializes in the company’s games and has repeatedly published reliable information. His message reads: “Something unapproved”

And a little earlier, Jez Corden, an insider and editor of the Windows Central portal, shared even more interesting information regarding projects from internal Microsoft studios. On the most recent Xbox Two podcast (at 45:00), he stated: “I know at least two games, two big games that aren’t on the Xbox exclusives list for 2021. I won’t talk about them because I don’t want to ruin the team surprises. [разработчиков]… They have to announce it. I honestly don’t like information leaks, but when it comes to games it’s often much easier if you’re sure the leak will not happen. When I know about something that will definitely not leak, it’s much cooler, because the announcement comes as a surprise. [для игроков]”

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