Xbox head Phil Spencer pledges no Xbox Series X exclusives for a couple of years

Xbox head Phil Spencer pledges no Xbox Series X exclusives for a couple of years

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has posted a long post on his official blog posting his vision for the future of the Xbox. Although the post contains many marketing terms and buzzwords, at its core it describes a user-centered approach to hardware and software development.

Spencer began his article by discussing the Xbox team’s commitment to fighting harassment and hatred across the gaming community, noting that the platform was designed for everyone: “From all walks of life and from any part of the world”… He hopes that thanks to the hard work of the Xbox security team, there are nearly 300,000 “Ambassadors”promoting diversity and the development of new technology designed to “Reducing hate speech and toxicity” this goal will finally be achieved.

The executive also touched on the Xbox Series X discussion in his post. He listed previously announced information about high frame rate support, backward compatibility, ray tracing and lower load times (thanks to the next-gen SSD in the Xbox Series X), as well as some additional comments.

For example, according to the Xbox boss, all games from Microsoft’s internal studios released over the next few years will be available on both current and next generation consoles. The company is not interested in forcing players to switch to Xbox Series X at launch just to play long-awaited projects like Halo Infinite.

Of course, Series X games will still be better with the same SSD, increased power, ray tracing, and so on, but the foundation will undoubtedly be the same. This is good news for those gamers who prefer to wait before moving on to the next generation of gaming systems.

In addition, Spencer promised that all existing Xbox accessories (in particular, controllers) will work perfectly on the Series X, so that they will not have to be bought again (only Kinect will not be supported).

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