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Xbox Series S will allocate 7.5 GB of RAM for games, the console is aimed at graphics in 1080p

Leaks of information about the Xbox Lockhart – supposedly cheaper and less powerful version of the new generation of Xbox from Microsoft – over the past few days have swept the Web. System libraries were discovered in Windows libraries. Xbox Lockhart has also been mentioned in the developer package update documentation. Now from its sources, The Verge learned about the technical characteristics of the budget console.

Possible console design

Maybe this will look like the Xbox Series S

According to The Verge, the Xbox Series X Devkit, code-named Dante, has a special Lockhart profile. It gives an idea of ​​the technical characteristics of the console. So it became known that for use in the Xbox Lockhart allocated 7.5 GB of RAM, the processor frequency of the system is slightly overclocked, and the performance of the GPU is about 4 teraflops.

Xbox Lockhart is the code name for the console. Most likely, it will be officially called the Xbox Series S. Judging by the technical specifications, the console will be designed to play in 1080p or 1440p resolution, since they are still popular today. Although the system is much weaker than the Xbox Series X, The Warge senior editor Tom Warren notes that “Cheaper does not mean cheap”.

Perhaps Microsoft will officially unveil the console in August this year.

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