Xbox Series X will cost no more than $ 600

Towards the end of this year, Microsoft should release the long-awaited game console Xbox Series X. Recall that the price of the device is still a secret. However, Monster Energy has announced a Halo Infinite-themed can collection competition that sheds light on the box’s cost.

The first prize will be an Xbox Series X console with a copy of Halo Infinite, according to the promotions. Reportedly, a total of 200 consoles will be drawn, and the prize pool is $ 119,998. Simple calculations show that the value of each prize will be $ 599.99. Considering the retail price of the game at $ 59.99, it turns out that the console will cost $ 540. However, it is far more likely that Halo Infinite is not included as the $ 599.99 Xbox Series X price seems more plausible.

Solid pricing and availability information for the console should emerge over the next few months, when Microsoft finally releases new information about the device to the general public.

As a reminder, the Xbox Series X will be powered by AMD’s eight-core Zen 2 APU and 52-unit RDNA2 GPU. Also, the console will receive a high-speed solid-state drive. All of this should provide a huge leap in performance and provide a completely new gaming experience.

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