XFX unveils giant and powerful Radeon RX 6900 XT MERC 319

XFX unveils giant and powerful Radeon RX 6900 XT MERC 319

XFX has unveiled a giant version of the Radeon RX 6900 XT in MERC 319. The RX-69XTACUD9 is based on the flagship Navi 21 XTX graphics chip with 5120 stream processors, has a three-slot design and uses a massive three-fan cooling system.

The manufacturer announced three frequencies of its graphics processor for the video card: base – at 1925 MHz, 2105 MHz – in game mode and 2340 MHz – in Boost mode. Therefore, XFX applied factory overclocks of 4% and 6% for the base and boost frequencies, respectively, in relation to the reference values. The video card is equipped with a dual BIOS system, but the manufacturer indicates the frequency indicators only for the “primary” BIOS. Apparently, the second configuration of the settings copies the reference frequency values ​​declared by AMD, or offers a lower overclocking level.

The Radeon RX 6900 XT MERC 319 is equipped with two 8-pin connectors for additional power. And this is very interesting, since at the moment this is the only non-standard version of the Radeon flagship using such a configuration. All other models presented before from other manufacturers are equipped with three 8-pin auxiliary power connectors. The manufacturer recommends using an 850W or more power supply in a system with a MERC 319.

Externally, the new product differs little from the previously presented Radeon RX 6800 XT MERC 319. However, the lack of a USB Type-C connector in the older model, which is endowed with the younger version, is striking.

The cooling back plate uses a partial cover configuration. It is perforated and has a large opening for more efficient removal of hot air from the radiator using a third fan.

The declared dimensions of the video card are 340 × 139 × 57 mm. The manufacturer does not indicate the actual weight of the video card, but reports the total weight of the new item along with the packaging. She is 2.41 kg. It is very likely that the main part falls on the graphics accelerator, since in addition to the video card itself, the box contains only instructions, a disk with a driver and two adapters for power cables.

XFX has also published several promotional images, one of which explains the meaning of the word MERC in the name of the video card.

Many thought that it was an abbreviation for the English “mercenary” (“mercenary”), but in fact it is an abbreviation for the English “mercury”, that is, “mercury”.

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