Xiaomi introduced the Mi Smart Dashcam 2K dashcam priced at $ 56

Xiaomi introduced the Mi Smart Dashcam 2K dashcam priced at $ 56

Xiaomi has released the new Mi Smart Dashcam 2K car dvr. The novelty is priced at 399 yuan (about $ 56) and is already available for purchase in the Chinese online store JD.com.

Compared to its predecessor, the Mi Dash Cam 1S, the novelty offers a number of innovations and is capable of shooting in higher resolution, up to 1600p – a little more than 2K.

The camera is based on an OV OS05A10 image sensor with f / 1.8 aperture and BSI (Back Side Illuminated) technology. The large aperture of the lens allows the sensor to absorb a sufficient amount of light, which helps to improve both image quality and performance in low light conditions. In addition, the DVR has an ultra-wide lens with a viewing angle of 140 degrees. Technically, this allows you to cover all three lanes, reducing the blind spot in the overall video capture.

On the back of the Mi Smart Dashcam 2K dashcam is a 3-inch IPS display. The screen displays the footage in real time.

The device also supports intelligent voice control. Direct voice commands can be given to record video or take pictures. Xiaomi also focused on improving image quality with the help of 3D noise reduction technology WDR (Wide Dynamic Range – Extended Dynamic Range). It provides a special shooting mode in which the camera simultaneously takes several frames with different shutter speeds to achieve the best result.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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