Yandex and commented on the message about the transfer of data abroad

Yandex and commented on the message about the transfer of data abroad

The personal data of users of Russian mobile applications, which from April 1 are mandatory for pre-installation on gadgets, are reliably protected and will not be compromised due to the trackers used in them. RBC writes about this with reference to representatives of Yandex and

We will remind, earlier there was information that all commercial applications that must be pre-installed contain trackers that collect user data and transmit it abroad. This conclusion was made by the specialists of ANO “Information Culture” after studying the corresponding Russian applications for built-in tracking algorithms. The message said that user data can be transferred to various foreign companies, including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Huawei and Facebook. In the course of the study, it was found that tracking trackers are present in almost all applications that must be preinstalled, including products from Yandex, Group, Kaspersky Lab and Gosuslug. Only the application of the “Mir” payment system did not have built-in tracking mechanisms.

Personal data of Group users is reliably protected and is not transferred anywhere. All external tools used undergo a rigorous internal security audit – including trackers“, – commented the head of corporate communications at Group Sergey Luchin. It was also said that such trackers are used by mobile app developers around the world. At the same time, they collect only technical impersonal information, “and in a much smaller volume than the mobile operating systems themselves“.

External technical tools help us learn about the installation of our applications by users, identify errors and critical failures within services. However, these tools do not gain access to user data or behavior.“- quotes the source of the words of the director of data in” Yandex “Ivan Cherevko.

A ministry spokesman also noted that trackers transmit “exclusively technical impersonal»Data required for targeted advertising. The department stressed that the applications required for pre-installation are no different from the versions that are available for download in digital content stores and are already used by millions of Russians.

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