YouTube will no longer notify users of new videos

YouTube will no longer notify users of new videos

Google, the owner of the popular video service YouTube, has decided to opt out of email notifications of new videos and live streams from subscribed channels. The reason for this decision lies in the fact that notifications sent by YouTube are opened by a minimum number of users of the service.

A post on the Google support site says less than 0.1% of YouTube users open YouTube notifications. It is also said that the developers conducted testing, during which they found that the refusal to send notifications does not in any way affect the duration of watching videos on YouTube. It is noted that recently, YouTube users have become more likely to switch to watching videos through push notifications and news feed.

According to our data, users opened less than 0.1% of emails with new content notifications. In addition, we received a lot of feedback that there are too many such emails. We hope this update makes it easier for you to keep up with mandatory service account notices and other YouTube messages. Their innovation will not affect“, – said in a message published on the Google support site.

Users will be able to find out about the appearance of new content through other notifications, including in the YouTube mobile application or in the Google Chrome browser.

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