YouTube will not release a Rewind video with the results of the outgoing year

YouTube will not release a Rewind video with the results of the outgoing year

It became known that the popular YouTube video service will not release Rewind, a selection of the best and defining videos of 2020. While Rewind has been a way to pay tribute to content creators, trends, and highlights since 2010, the developers decided against releasing it this year.

2020 was different. And it would be wrong to pretend that it is not. So we decided not to release Rewind this year.“, – said in the message of the company, which was published on Twitter. The developers did not forget to mention the content contributors, thanking them for their work aimed at making this difficult year easier. “We know that so many good things that happened in 2020 were created by you. You’ve found a way to cheer people up, help them cope and have fun“, – said in a statement YouTube.

Although Rewind has become something of a joke in recent years, the compilation video of the results of 2018 is considered the most “negative” video in the entire history of the service. It’s worth noting that YouTube has seen a surge in popularity this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, more and more often people use the platform not only for uploading their videos and watching other people’s videos, but also for conducting live broadcasts.

Whether Rewind will be released in the future is still unknown. Most likely, it depends on what the next year will bring people. However, this year, many users will be bored without an annual selection of the most important videos of the year.

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