Zotac publicly supported cryptocurrency mining, but changed its mind after the anger of gamers

Zotac publicly supported cryptocurrency mining, but changed its mind after the anger of gamers

Zotac, known primarily for its video cards based on NVIDIA chips, has publicly supported cryptocurrency mining with its accelerators. The corresponding appeal of the company appeared on its Twitter page. Against the background of the current market situation, the manufacturer’s message seemed cynical to many users.

It is very difficult to be a gamer today. Not only is there a serious shortage of graphics accelerators and processors in the computer equipment market, but also new generation game consoles cannot be found everywhere – again, due to a shortage of components that are used for their production. The problem is aggravated by the exponential growth in the popularity of mining cryptocurrencies, the price of which is growing by leaps and bounds. Amid this boom, graphics card maker Zotac has decided to side with the miners rather than the average gamer.

The company posted a message on its Twitter, where it indicated that hundreds of Zotac graphics accelerators are waiting in the wings to be installed in cryptocurrency mining farms. We don’t know if it’s for trolling, but the manufacturer also added the tags #Gaming and #Gamers to the message, although in the message about gamers who have to buy video cards of new series two or even three times more expensive than their recommended cost remembered. This attitude caused a storm of indignation among the latter. Users began to actively urge not to buy the manufacturer’s video cards. Realizing their mistake, Zotac deleted the posted tweet, so below is a screenshot of it.

Support for mining by GPU manufacturers is not new. Some companies in the past have already released specialized versions of video cards for mining cryptocurrencies – remember at least the P104-100 Twin X2 models based on the GeForce GTX 1070 from Inno3D. Such video cards could not be used for games, since they were devoid of external video interfaces and were intended solely for installation in cryptocurrency mining farms.

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