ZTE and China Telecom have performed a remote 5G diagnosis of coronavirus

ZTE and China Telecom have performed a remote 5G diagnosis of coronavirus

ZTE and China Telecom’s Sichuan Telecommunication Provider have conducted the first remote diagnostics session for a new coronavirus with the support of 5G technology.
bandwidth and low latency, the next-generation 5G communication standard enhances the efficiency and convenience of diagnosis and follow-up. Specialists took part in the session
West China Hospital and People’s Medical Center at Sichuan University.

In view of the situation on the ground, ZTE has deployed its CPE facility to provide 5G services through external communication signals while creating internal
Forward points. On January 25, 5G indoor base stations were built and interconnected, and a conference room with the necessary facilities was set up at the West China Hospital.
communication for remote diagnostics and treatment procedures.

On January 26, ZTE completed all work to equip, optimize, test communication speeds, and put into operation the 5G internal distribution system at another endpoint of the remote system
diagnosis and treatment. After the launch of the 5G network, specialists from the Sichuan Health Authority, West China Hospital and Chengdu People’s Medical Center held
remote video consultation.

According to the work plan of the Sichuan Healthcare Administration, West China Hospital at Sichuan University will become the central hub for the 5G remote diagnostics system, and
specialists of this medical institution will receive and carry out remote treatment of patients of 27 hospitals of the country. In the next phase, ZTE will create China’s first remote system
5G-diagnosis of coronavirus infection, functioning at the provincial, city and county levels. This system will provide a “unified network” at Sichuan’s leading medical facilities
and help from Wuhan colleagues.

In the future, ZTE will provide video consultations with members of the Wuhan medical emergency team through 5G, providing critical care to patients
state, access to expert diagnostics and treatment services from top West China hospital professionals.

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