Zyxel has introduced a new VPN solution for cyber security

Zyxel has introduced a new VPN solution for cyber security

Catherine Alexandrova

Zyxel Introduces ZyWALL VPN1000 Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Solution. With the new gateway, SMBs will securely secure remote offices and employees’ access to corporate information
and its transfer between different sites.

The solution supports all major types of VPN connections and can manage IPSec, L2TP, SSL & TLS and PPTP connections, as well as site-to-site and client-to-site topologies. Whatever it takes
Whether companies provide corporate employees with off-site access to the corporate network, or should affiliates be able to jointly prepare a report for the head office, its data
will always be safely broadcast over the network in encrypted form.

The ZyWALL VPN1000 comes with a one-year SD-WAN license, so this solution can be used both offline and Nebula Orchestrator (SD-WAN).

If, in some SD-WAN solutions, load balancing is used to optimize connection performance, forcing their users to reconfigure each time
separate their firewalls, then Zyxel products with SD-WAN support have centralized control, so users can safely use smart features
route WAN traffic and increase application performance.

In addition, the ZyWALL VPN1000 uses: a firewall with a content filter, a fully integrated subscription security feature with a URL and HTTPS domain filter, and a secure
search. The product also uses Zyxel GeoEnforcer technology to determine the geography of the inbound sender.

In addition, the ZyWALL VPN1000 supports hybrid clouds and its certified gateway is fully configured to connect to AWS VPC and Microsoft Azure public clouds.

In the territory of Russia and the CIS, ZyWALL VPN1000 with SD-WAN is already available to order through distributors.



Katerina Alexandrova

Catherine Alexandrova

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