Zyxel sales in 2019 increased by 35%

Zyxel sales in 2019 increased by 35%

The overall sales growth of the company in the region in monetary terms (hereinafter in euros, 2019 to 2018) was 35%. Against the background of preliminary data on the dynamics of the network equipment market in 2019, this one
the result indicates a significant increase in the company’s market share in the region. Taken Zyxel in 2017 course on the development of project work, showed the result in 2018, and in 2019 the trend
has grown back to normal.

In the first place in the year results are the switches that hold the share close to 40% (in 2019 – 39%) in all Zyxel sales. Compared to 2018, they grew by 41%. under
why this is due to a successful four quarter when the company lineup has specialized CCTV switches.

Second place in terms of network security – 10% of the company’s sales. The ZyWall series gateways, as well as new sandbox-enhanced ATP models, have proven themselves in this category.
to protect against “zero-day threats”.

And in third place in turnover in 2019 were WiFi solutions for business with an indicator of a share in all sales of the company in the region of 9%. The category is marketed in two segments: WiFi
access points with a price in the range of 6000-10000 rubles, which are sold mainly through online stores, and more advanced design access points for the construction of hotel wireless infrastructure,
schools, shops, warehouses, etc. In 2020, the WLAN portfolio expanded with hotspots supporting the new Wi-Fi standard 6.

In 2019, the growth in the number of projects implemented by the company partners amounted to more than 50%. It is noteworthy to mention the agreement on cooperation with the National Research University
Higher School of Economics (HSE) under the terms of which Zyxel completely transformed the Authorized Training Center for the Development and Operation of Computer Networks MIEM NDU HSE by equipping it with a network

In 2019, the value-added reseller’s share of the company’s total sales was 55%, which is higher than the Zyxel sales through the online shopping channel, despite the latter’s high growth rate.

In quantitative terms, the Zyxel affiliate base in the region has grown by 6%. In this case, business growth in monetary terms significantly exceeded the growth in the number of partners, which means an increase in volume
average annual sales for the current affiliate base. The total number of VAR partners that used Zyxel equipment and solutions in their business in 2019 is 2077 companies.

As noted in the company, in the new year using ATP Series Gateways, WiFi6 Access Points, CCTV Switches, and a new version of Nebula Network Management and Setup,
Zyxel expects sales to grow by at least 30% in 2020.

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