Opera on Chrome OS brings a bunch of new features including VPN, messaging and ad blocking


Opera on Chrome OS is now “optimised for Chromebooks” with a bespoke version of the venerable browser now available, based upon the Android version. 

With 30 million Chromebooks sold in 2020 and predictions of a further 40 million sales in 2021, Opera says that Chrome OS has become a more important platform than ever. 

Opera wants to pitch itself as the key alternative to Google’s Chrome on the platform. There’s baked-in, unlimited use VPN and ad-blocking as well as messaging apps, too. Yep, you can send WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger/Instagram messages direct from the browser.

Twitter support is also built-in, too. Everything is accessible from an easy sidebar, meaning you no longer need to flick to other apps or your phone while you’re working away. There’s also support for digital currencies, with a built-in wallet. 

GDPR cookie dialog boxes can also be stopped from appearing, too, while there’s now support for keyboard shortcuts in Chrome OS such as Ctrl +T for opening a new tab and Ctrl + L for focusing the address bar. And, as you’d expect these days, you can choose from various themes, each of which is available in dark mode. You can also opt to reduce blue light for night use. 

Opera for Chromebook can also be synchronised with the same browser on other platforms as well – it’s now available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, too. 


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