NVIDIA site “leaked” email of its users to the Network

NVIDIA site "leaked" email of its users to the Network

It appears that NVIDIA’s website has accidentally displayed the email addresses of some of its users for some time. This incident was reported last Friday by one of the forum readers Reddit… He indicated that someone’s address was displayed in the login line when he went to the site to check the status of the order of the purchased item.

PCMag was able to reproduce the issue on NVIDIA’s website using Firefox. Further web searches indicated that the address belonged to a Florida computer science student. Interestingly, the problem was not unique. The victim also turned out to be software developer Phil Bayfield, who said on his Twitter page that a complete stranger wrote to him in the mail on Monday. First, he told Bayfield that he would like to buy the GeForce RTX 3080 from him. To which Bayfield replied that he did not have an RTX 3080. Then the stranger admitted that he was joking, and in fact, he found Bayfield’s email on the status check page ordering from the NVIDIA Online Store. This page uses the login and password autocomplete form. Fortunately, the password did not appear on the corresponding line, but Bayfield’s email address did appear.

“At first I thought that someone was joking at me.”– said Bayfield in a conversation with PCMag.

Then he realized that this was not a joke, but a real leak of his personal data.

“The launch of the GeForce 30 series graphics cards turned out to be a real circus. First, bots bought all the cards, and then speculators put them up for resale. Now I’m not at all surprised that they [NVIDIA] leaked my email address “Bayfield added.

The resource turned to NVIDIA for comments. There he was told that they were checking the incident and would provide additional information upon its completion. At the same time, the company decided to disable the status check page for repair orders.

PCMag indicates the extent of the problem is unknown. It is not yet clear exactly how many users could be affected by an error in the NVIDIA website and how much personal data could be leaked to the Network. However, as some Reddit users point out, not only users’ addresses but also their credit card information could be at risk. At least two Reddit users said they saw partially displayed information about someone’s credit cards on the same checkout status page while it was still running.

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SpaceX first fired a vacuum version of the Raptor engine for Starship

SpaceX first fired a vacuum version of the Raptor engine for Starship

An important part of the new SpaceX Starship has passed the first test. This is a version of the conventional Raptor engine for use in space vacuum. It successfully passed the first fire tests at the SpaceX site in McGregor, Texas, as reported by company representatives on Twitter.

The vacuum Raptor passed this test about three weeks after it left the SpaceX rocket factory in Los Angeles – on September 4, SpaceX announced that the new engine had been delivered to a Texas test site. In a tweet, the company described the firing tests as complete. It’s unclear how long the burn lasted: the tweet only includes a 15-second video that dims to black while the vacuum Raptor is still running.

This variant of the Raptor is similar to the conventional version of the engine, but has a much larger nozzle, which improves efficiency in space environments. According to SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk, Starship will use three Raptor engines of each variant.

Normal and vacuum versions of the Raptor next to a person

Normal and vacuum versions of the Raptor next to a person

These six engines will power the Starship 50 meters high, delivering it over long distances, such as the Moon or Mars. The transport ship will be powerful enough to lift off the surface of these two celestial bodies, but it will need help to escape from the Earth’s gravity well. Therefore Starship will leave our planet on a giant rocket called the Super Heavy, which will be propelled by about 30 conventional versions of Raptor engines.

SpaceX said both Super Heavy and Starship can be fully and quickly reused. Musk suggests that the combination of a spacecraft and a super-heavy launch vehicle will reduce the cost of space travel so much that it will make ambitious plans like the colonization of Mars economically feasible.

SpaceX is working on the final version of Starship, rolling around a series of prototypes. Recently, single-engine SN5 and SN6 passed test “jumps” to an altitude of about 150 meters, and three-engine SN8 is preparing for its own flight to an altitude of 20 kilometers in the near future.

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Sega will revive the Virtua Fighter series for a mysterious new esports project

Sega will revive the Virtua Fighter series for a mysterious new esports project

Sega has announced the new project for the Virtua Fighter fighting game series during the Tokyo Game Show livestream on Friday. However, its nature is still shrouded in mystery. Sega itself associates the project with esports and calls it Virtua Fighter x esports.

It is clear that Sega has not provided a direct sequel to the series (e.g. Virtua Fighter 6). On the official website of the project, the company says that Virtua Fighter will be relaunched as an esports game to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sega’s founding. The video teaser shows mostly footage of Virtua Fighter tournaments and ends with Akira Yuki, the main fighter of the fighting game series.

What really seems clear is that Sega is focusing on the competitive side of their new Virtua Fighter project in the spirit of Puyo Puyo eSports (also known as Puyo Puyo Champions). This is a tournament-oriented puzzle game. Reporters contacted Sega for more details on the Virtua Fighter x esports announcement, but there is no response so far.

The most recent game in the Sega fighting universe, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, was released on slot machines in 2010 and ported to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is also available in virtual arcade machines within several Yakuza games. from Sega.

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 could be in production hell – and Michel Ansel is supposedly to blame

Beyond Good & Evil 2 could be in production hell - and Michel Ansel is supposedly to blame

Rayman creator Michel Ancel announced last week that he is leaving Ubisoft and the gaming industry in general, despite the fact that his latest projects – WILD and Beyond Good & Evil 2 – are still pending. In light of this, the French newspaper Libération told how Ansel had made little progress in creating projects in seven years.

According to anonymous Ubisoft employees interviewed by Libération, the blame for such a long development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 lies with Michelle Ansel. They described him as a control freak with a penchant for sudden ideas that can lead to a ton of extra work. At the same time, he did little to soften the blow to employees who had to abruptly make changes to the project.

Also according to Libération, the Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailers shown in 2017 and 2018 were just “Made in a hurry” concepts that have nothing to do with the final vision of the game. According to one former Ubisoft employee, Ansel wanted to achieve an incredible level of detail in an open world with several planets that cannot yet be achieved.

Ansel’s constant change and harsh leadership style resulted in widespread depression, burnout, and requests for transfers within the team, according to Libération. In 2017, Jean-Marc Geffroy, who previously worked on Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, was transferred to Beyond Good & Evil 2. He needed to improve the production process, as Michel Ansel has preferred project its independent game WILD.

“To try and mitigate Ansel’s problem, they sent us some big-name people, these ‘talents’ with excessive egos, disgusting behavior and barely disguised superhero syndrome. All of them were convinced that they and only they would save BG & E2 “, – said an anonymous source.

What ultimately drove Michel Ansel out of the gaming industry is unknown, but according to Libération, Ubisoft is conducting an internal investigation. However, Ansel’s statement did take the team by surprise. The only thing left after his departure is one sheet of paper with eight points describing the main vision of the game.

Ubisoft has confirmed to Kotaku about the investigation into Michel Ansel.

Michel Ansel himself on Instagram commented on the Libération story as “Fake”… He explained that talking about his poor leadership is a lie, since the team also includes producers and managers – they are the ones who decide what to do.

“I always change my mind – a lie. For example, I have been explaining for years why you cannot remodel a city from scratch. He spent hours explaining that the characters were good enough and didn’t need to be tweaked. The same is about the planets and everything else. But sometimes some people on the team changed something, despite my advice. Managers are responsible for solving such problems “– he wrote.

He also commented on the words about the Beyond Good & Evil 2 demo. According to Ansel, the 2017 presentation was real and made the next demo possible. And in 2018, the shown build of the game used real streaming, procedural generation, and a functioning network mode. “It was a technological masterpiece”– he added.

“The article from Libération contains fake information from people who want to destroy me and the projects. This cannot be done if I do not fight for every line of this news. I gave the journalist enough time to look at all the mistakes. Let’s see what he will do “– finished Ansel.

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the first Mass Effect was the reason for the postponement of the Legendary Edition to 2021

the first Mass Effect was the reason for the postponement of the Legendary Edition to 2021

Electronic Arts hasn’t announced Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, but VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb continues to argue that a reissue of the sci-fi role-playing trilogy is in the works. According to him, now Electronic Arts and BioWare have postponed the release of the collection to early 2021.

Back in May, Grubb said that, according to his sources, the announcement and release of the reissue of the Mass Effect trilogy will take place in October this year. Now they also said that the first part of the series is the main constraint on development. Currently, it does not match the quality of other projects – problems with both graphics and gameplay. This could make a bad first impression on new players and disappoint fans who will refuse to launch Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 afterwards, although the latter two received an impressive update.

In addition to this, Grubb said that the developers do not plan to include a multiplayer mode in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. He believes Electronic Arts will then have to support him, which is not worth the investment. But the re-release will offer all the additional content released for the single player game.

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The fate of the ban on TikTok activities in the US will be decided on Sunday morning

Источник изображения: Reuters

A federal judge has demanded that the US Department of Commerce either defer the ban on TikTok downloads by American users, which is due to take effect on Monday, or counterclaim ByteDance’s claim, which demanded that the ban be lifted in light of the pending deal. The hearing is scheduled for Sunday morning.

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

Notably, private TikTok users in the United States are also trying to resist the app download ban, which could take effect next week. As noted by Reuters, the Pennsylvania court last week received a statement from a group of digital content creators demanding to lift the ban on the distribution of TikTok in the United States, as bloggers fear losing tens of thousands of subscribers every month.

The preconditions for the deal between ByteDance and American investors are still being interpreted differently by the parties, and this fact alone makes it difficult to predict future scenarios. Oracle should receive 12.5% ​​of the newly created company TikTok Global, it will also place the data of American users on its servers and will have the right to analyze the program code. ByteDance intends to retain control over the key recommendation algorithm. Walmart will receive 7.5% of the shares, with the remaining 80% going to China’s ByteDance, which has developed the popular app. The US authorities insist on excluding the possibility of ByteDance to influence the activities of TikTok Global, the Chinese are trying to defend their interests.

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ISS crew self-isolated in the Russian segment for two days

Фотографии Роскосмоса

The crew of the 63rd long-term expedition to the International Space Station (ISS), as expected, went into re-isolation. The reason is the need to identify the location of the air leak.

Photos of Roscosmos

Photos of Roscosmos

The problem became known in August. To search for the source of the leak, the crew consisting of Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner, as well as NASA astronaut Christopher Cassidy, had already isolated themselves in the Russian segment of the station, but then it was not possible to identify the problem area.

The current isolation will last two days: the crew will again close in the Russian segment of the orbital complex. Expedition members will have access to the Zarya, Zvezda, Poisk modules, the Progress MS cargo ship and the manned Soyuz MS.

During work, the crew will transmit operational information about the state of the atmosphere to the Flight Control Centers of the partner countries. The hatches are scheduled to open on Monday, September 28, 2020, after 11:00 Moscow time“, – said in the message of Roscosmos.

Meanwhile, at a meeting of the State Commission for Flight Testing of Manned Space Complexes, a decision was made to launch the Soyuz MS-17 spacecraft with the next long-term ISS expedition. The spacecraft will be launched on October 14, and its rapprochement with the ISS is planned to be carried out using a two-orbit scheme. The prime crew includes Sergei Ryzhikov (Roskosmos, spacecraft commander), Sergei Kud-Sverchkov (Roscosmos, flight engineer) and Kathleen Rubins (NASA, flight engineer-2).

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Smartphone Huawei Nova 8 Pro appeared on live photos


Rumor has it that Huawei will launch the Nova 8 series smartphones soon. According to a recent leak, the series will include four smartphones. All of them are supposed to be based on MediaTek Dimensity processors. Today, the first live images have leaked to the Web showing the appearance of the Huawei Nova 8 Pro.


Initially, it was suggested that the photo above captured the Huawei Mate 40 Pro, since the upcoming flagship, according to rumors, will also be equipped with a waterfall display (with strongly curved side edges) and an oblong cutout for the front camera. However, more attentive users insisted that the device in the picture is nothing more than the Nova 8 Pro, since the sides of the display are not curved quite like the waterfall screens. In addition, a cutout for the speaker is clearly visible on the top of the device, which should be hidden in the Mate 40 Pro.


Recall, according to available data, Huawei Nova 8 Pro will receive an OLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and will be based on the MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ 5G chipset. It is assumed that the cost of the device will be about $ 585.

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BULLETS PER MINUTE – ballet of the Valkyries. Review / Games

Качать головой в такт во время игры — не столько дань крутости гитарному риффу, сколько разрешённый чит, упрощающий игру и улучшающий погружение

Genre Shooter
Publisher Awe Interactive
Developer Awe Interactive
Minimum Requirements Intel Core i5-4590 3.3 GHz / AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, DirectX 11 graphics card and 2 GB memory, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 / AMD Radeon R9 380, 25 GB storage, operating system Windows 10
Recommended Requirements Intel Core i7-8700K 3.7 GHz / AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz, 16 GB RAM, DirectX 12 graphics card and 3 GB memory, such as NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 / AMD Radeon RX 5700
release date September 15, 2020
Age qualification Not determined
Platforms PC
Official site

Played on PC

Styling for 90s shooters, Scandinavian mythology at the heart of the entourage, shrill riffs on an electric guitar and a name consisting entirely of capital letters – BPM tries in every possible way to evoke nostalgia for the times when hair was longer, music was harder, and games were more difficult. In pursuit of the authors from Awe Interactive, they offer a combination of mechanics that did not have time to become boring – a rhythm shooter and a roguelike. It turned out cheerfully, but this composition also contains a couple of false notes.

Shaking your head to the beat while playing is not so much a tribute to the cool guitar riff as a legal cheat that simplifies the game and improves immersion

Shaking your head to the beat while playing is not so much a tribute to the cool guitar riff as a legal cheat that simplifies the game and improves immersion

⇡ #Shooting on notes

BPM starts without further ado: Valkyrie Gel (and later others), armed with a firearm and a sense of rhythm, goes on a crusade against the great serpent Nidhogg. Ahead: four worlds (from Asgard to Helheim), dozens of rooms, hundreds of enemies and thousands of musical beats that you should definitely fall into. First of all, because in this universe, everything happens to the rhythm of rock compositions performed in the nostalgic spirit of the soundtracks of the nineties. What a shot, what a reload, what a dodge, what a throw of a fireball – everything obeys the current musical etude.

Enemies also attack to match the music, which makes it possible to escape in time from the projectiles flying towards the hero, expanding lava rings, power domes and other ways to stop the Valkyrie on the way to the goal. As a result, the fights turned out to be unusually perky. You feel like a character in a trailer (not a full-length film, no), abruptly reloading his weapon in three musical beats and then, on the fourth, aptly firing a bullet between the eyes of another monster.

Retro lovers will be delighted with the opportunity to play in nostalgic graphics mode

Retro lovers will be delighted with the opportunity to play in nostalgic graphics mode

The ability to use magic adds fun. True, to find a special ability, you have to run. To begin with, get a golden key that falls out of strong opponents or chests, and then find the library doors that hide the secret of high damage or, just as important, the secret of healing, and sometimes emergency acceleration. By the way, characters for passing an additional ability are issued for eternal use.

For the completion of each of the worlds, a new game Valkyrie with unique features is issued: one is immediately equipped with a revolver and armor, but cannot use first-aid kits, the other is incredibly fast, and there is also a character who shoots exclusively magic charges and disdains firearms

For the completion of each of the worlds, a new character is issued with unique features: one is immediately equipped with a revolver and armor, but cannot use first-aid kits, the other is incredibly fast, and there is also a hero who shoots exclusively magical charges and disdains firearms

⇡ #Galloping on Asgard

Golden Keys also open special chests, inside which you can expect a pleasant help in the passage – weapons or equipment. And also currency – coins that are spent on purchases at a local store. Additionally, blood can be left on the altars, thereby increasing one of six characteristics (speed, range, luck, damage, accuracy or power of abilities).

Since after the death of the character all cash is confiscated, it makes sense to leave some coins in reserve. This can be done in special bank rooms, where helpful fox-owls (unofficial classification) will gladly open a long-term deposit (alas, interest-free) or give out previously stored good. This, by the way, is the basis of the local progress system (not counting the expansion of the store’s assortment for multiple purchases) – stat points and weapons cannot be stocked for future use.

Among the presented tests there is an

Among the presented tests there is an “automatic” mode in which it is not necessary to match the rhythm. True, BPM in this case turns into a mediocre shooter …

There are other side pursuits scattered throughout the BPM world. Challenge rooms, for example, offer to earn a good jackpot in extremely intense battles (or, in case of failure, go to the starting location). In the halls with an abyss, weapon caches are provided (do not forget to stock up on the golden key), here and there you can find the sword of Damocles, which inflicts damage on anyone who wants to take the prey associated with it, and sometimes the game offers to play the local analogue of “thimbles”.

It also tries to entertain BPM in various conditions of the world. More often, a regular version of the level is generated without modifiers, less often – a complicated one. Sometimes you have to not walk, but slide through the frozen version of the dungeon; another time, the Valkyrie will face a swarm; sometimes low gravity conditions are included; and the most unpleasant of all the options seen is the monetary stagnation regime, when not a single coin will fall out of the defeated enemies. In a word, there is enough work … for the first hour. But, sad as it may seem, a rather unbalanced bagel hides behind the sprightly initial serve.

So this is where the expression

So this is where the expression “bird market” came from …

⇡ #Dance. Die. And again?

The systematic and systematic cleaning of the same rooms – the basis of almost every roguelike – is relevant here, but there is a nuance. The classic pattern “danced through the rooms, studied the situation, met the boss, died heroically, repeated” can sometimes change to: “suddenly found a decent weapon and … went through the whole game without even breaking a sweat.” But repeating the feat turns out to be not so easy – after all, if at the first levels you are not lucky with the loot, BPM becomes unusually difficult after the second boss.

In general, weapons and equipment can be divided into two conventional categories: incredibly powerful and absolutely goofy. An artifact that deals percentage damage to enemies is great for dealing with bosses and strong opponents; on the other hand, there is an object, stunning in its meaninglessness, that allows you to fly when you press the spacebar multiple times. It may sound good, but in reality it slows down movement and does not help to avoid collisions with enemy fire at all.

Correspondence victory in BPM looks something like this ...

A correspondence victory in BPM looks something like this …

The same applies to small arms. If a standard pistol or a revolver, an assault rifle, a shotgun found in a chest / bought in a store allow you to calmly clear hall after hall, then in battles against bosses they turn out to be pellets for a demonic elephant. Another thing is a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher or a local analogue of the BFG, which can easily send even the final mythical dragon-serpent to Valhalla.

It’s a pity, but the developers failed to find a middle ground: BPM is either uncomfortably heavy or obscenely simple. This, of course, does not contribute to the repeated passage, and even various tests are unlikely to keep them at the screen for a long time.

To the poor balance and ill-conceived level generation, you can add not painfully outstanding design of enemies (it’s hard to remember at least one bright enemy) and locations, tiring colors and quickly boring gameplay. Nevertheless, BPM can be considered a good candidate for an evening when you want to turn off the brain to the brain and transfer control to the spinal cord.


  • perky mechanics of a rhythm shooter;
  • a shock dose of nostalgia for the suffering;
  • the musical compositions playing on the levels “Asgard I” and “Vanaheim I” turned out to be what we need.


  • poor balance of weapons and equipment;
  • enemies and locations are criminally unoriginal;
  • the gameplay gets bored faster than we would like.


The overall visual implementation of BPM is spectacular, but nevertheless, there are miscalculations in many aspects: the design of ordinary enemies is simple and lacking in originality, the bosses, for the most part, have an expressionless and memorable appearance, the locations are secondary, and the eyes get tired rather quickly from the local oversaturated color gamut. mercy.


The compositions fulfill their main function – they act as a sound reference and an appropriate background for the rhythmic shooting of the inhabitants of the dungeons. Alas, the BPM soundtrack is of no interest outside of the game context.

Single player game

A dashing but one-off rhythm adventure accompanied by an electric guitar. Additional challenges like going on bosses are not fun for long.

Collective game

Unfortunately, the firearms ballet can only be performed alone. It’s a pity: co-op or opposition would add interest to reruns.

General impression

Putting energetic rhythm mechanics at the forefront, the authors of BPM completely forgot about elaborating game nuances. The level generation looks too chaotic, the progress system is unfinished, and the enemies are monotonous and unoriginal. Here you can stay for the evening, and it will be a wonderful time spent. But unfortunately, there is not enough potential for more.

Rating: 7.0 / 10

More about the grading system


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Russian Pension Fund began to switch to domestic ALT and Astra Linux

Russian Pension Fund began to switch to domestic ALT and Astra Linux

The Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) will adapt a fragment of its automated AIS PFR-2 system to work with the domestic operating systems ALT Linux (“Alt”) and Astra Linux. This was reported by CNews, noting that it is about the module “Electronic signature and encryption management” (UES), which is part of the “Information security” subsystem of the AIS PFR-2.

The companies “Rusbitech” and “Basalt SPO”, which are the developers of Astra Linux and ALT Linux, respectively, reported that the software platforms they created were not widely used in the FIU, but they were introduced to them in a test mode. According to the available data, the Pension Fund allocated 39 million rubles to finalize the application and server software of the UESH module. It is this amount that is indicated in the thematic tender as the initial maximum contract price. The tender was held on September 25, but the name of the winner was not announced. All work on this tender must be completed by December 21 this year.

Representatives of the FIU declined to comment on this issue. It remains unclear whether Russian operating systems will be replaced by foreign ones or whether they are planning to be used in parallel. It is also unknown whether the Pension Fund plans to adapt other systems and modules to work with Astra Linux and ALT Linux in the future.

Alexey Smirnov, General Director of Bazalt SPO, said that testing the capabilities of ALT Linux together with the Pension Fund of Russia has been systematically carried out for several years. He also noted that the new PFR project testifies to the fund’s plans to switch to domestic software. “It is important not only to use disparate domestic products, but also to ensure the holistic operation of the entire software stack, and this tender speaks of a serious approach“, – said Mr. Smirnov.

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