10 Must-Know Tips for Fabulous iOS Mobile Application Development

The demand for iOS apps has increased exponentially. Fortunately, there is no dearth of supply. Individuals and companies involved in the iOS mobile application development field are making their best effort to cope with the requirement. The submission of apps has increased exponentially from 32 apps/day in 2008 (debut year) to 1816 apps/day in 2015 (Ref: pocketgamer.biz). However, the app rejection rate at the App Store is quite high. Only half of the submitted apps get clearance by its review team. The strict guidelines of the App Store pound the substandard or low-quality apps in the interest of users.

Hence, an iOS app development company needs to evolve its practices and deliver quality apps to let users derive the most from the technology but with the least effort. This article is composed with an aim to give a clear guidance to iOS app developers regarding what works and what not. In addition to getting a quick approval, I expect this will also help them save their valuable time and effort.

Troubleshoot Crashes and Bugs

It’s the onus of the developer as well as the testing team to ensure that standard practices have been followed in the iOS mobile application development, and the app is free from all kinds of crashes and bugs. Users must have a control on the app, right from installation and uninstallation to update, upgrade, and usage. The App Store doesn’t approve non-public APIs in an app build. Nor does it allow submission of a demo, trial or test version. Beta Apps may only be submitted through TestFlight.

Fix Broken Links

Don’t make your app the house of broken links. Even if, your app makes way through the test, it won’t be able to last longer in the store as consumers will flood the store with negative reviews forcing the store to get it removed.

Say No to Place-holder Content

Don’t expect the App Store certification and user-adoption of the app, if you can’t keep a check on dummy content. Make sure that iPhone or iPad users are not plagued by your careless iOS app development approach.

Provide Proper Documentation

Let the App Store and the user know what the app is about. Give proper information regarding the tools applied, app usage, support, vendor contact and other vital information while make your way to the App Store.

Give the Right Picture

Add an easy-to-understand description and high-quality screenshots to make your target audience understand the app and its functionality. While doing so make sure you are honest, and portraying the right picture of your product.

Facilitate an Easy User Interface

Don’t let it to the user to analyze your app and tell you the mistake. Give them the right UI (user-interface) so that they can interact with the app and find the right information and services.

Balanced Advertisements

The advertisement is fine but not at the cost of user’s experience. Use the right size and type of container for the ad content to be placed so that the actual purpose of the app doesn’t get diluted.

Desist Serving Inappropriate Content

The App Store adopts a zero tolerance policy against inappropriate app content, including sexually abusive content, content erupting a sense of hatred or communal disparity, depicting violence, etc. The App Store is also particular about the user’s privacy. It declines apps asking for the user’s personal information, such as email address and date of birth to function. However, Apps meant for children fall in the exception list, they may ask for the user’s date of birth to comply with laws governing the children’s privacy.

Don’t Trick Users Divulging Location

Apps that don’t ask for the user’s permission before collecting, transmitting or using location data face rejection. Using location-based APIs for automatic or autonomous control of vehicles, aircraft, or other devices is also a violation of its terms.

Final Warning

Spamming here is an offense. An iOS developer or iOS mobile application development company must not upload multiple versions of an app on the store. Such apps suffer not just rejection, but may also lead to the termination of the developer’s account from the iOS Developer Program.

Original Source of App Submission Metrics: http://www.pocketgamer.biz/metrics/app-store/submissions/

Build a powerful calculation app based on your Excel in 1 min!

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Let Excel do the coding for you and forget about programming, HTML or RAD. In a few seconds you can turn calculations, lists and forms into native apps with a wide range of functions. Bases for your apps are Excel files or similar formats. Open as App remains linked to its source file and uses its logic.

You can share apps actively with teams, clients and partners. Spreadsheet and app will always be accessible on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Universal). Your data and your know-how, however, will remain safely in your company.

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Love Dogs? Check Out These Cool and Must-Have Dog Care Apps

Most of the dog lovers think of their pets as the parts of the family only. They took the utmost care of their dogs, feed them the best foods, love them unconditionally. Taking care of your dogs becomes absolutely easy when you have some effective mobile applications related to the dog care in your hand. If you visit the App Store or the Play Store, you would find a plethora of mobile apps related to diverse sectors making people's lifestyle much easier. Taking care of your dog is no exception to that. Here is a list of some must-have mobile apps for the dog lovers.

Today, worldwide, app developers are showing huge interest to build apps based on unique and creative ideas. If you have any such fresh app idea, you need to contact the right app development team as soon as possible to make your idea into a reality.

# 1 11Pets
Forgot the pre-scheduled dates of vaccinations, vet visiting of your dog? Well, no more worries. 11Pets is a feature-packed and compact pet care application that would help you to take better care of your pet's health. You can easily keep track of all the important dates like medication schedules, vet visits along with other events. You can keep a record of your pet's medical history like weight, temperature etc. in this app. In the pet gallery offered by this app, you can save your dog's images as well. 11Pets is available for free.

# 2 APCC
Every dog ​​lovers should get this application on their smartphones. This extremely useful app would give you a database of foods, plants, hazards, medicines, etc. that are harmful to your dog. In this way, you can save your dog from poisoning and take better care of the lovely member of your family. You can get this application without spending a single penny and moreover, you do not need to worry about the ads or in-app purchases. APCC is useful for not only dogs but for horses, birds and cats as well.

# 3 Dog Training
As the application name states, this app is for giving proper training to your dogs. Although most of the people have their own way, own style to train their pets, some ideas would always be helpful. Is not it? Dog Training app offers some effective tips and tricks along with some popular and easy training methods. Obviously, this application is not an alternative for the trained professionals. However, for handling the basic stuffs, Dog Training is a very effective app. You can get this application for free but that would contain ads.

# 4 PetCoach
Using this application, you can get veterinary advice for free. If your dog is not doing good, having health issues, you can easily search for the behaviors or symptoms on this PetCoach application. More interestingly, you can ask questions using this app and would get answers from pet nutritionists, vets, dog training experts. This effective pet care app is available for free.

Apart from all the above-mentioned pet care apps, Tractive GPS Pet Finder is a very good app choice. This would help you to get track of your lost dog or other pets. PetDesk is another impressive informational application for the dog owners.

Android Apps Development Tips for Professionals

Androids phones brought a whole new world of opportunities in the form of apps. Android apps development has been booming ever since the advent of the Android operating system. It is an open platform and hence the development of highly innovative apps to serve a myriad of purposes is possible. Starting with apps development for Android is easy as they have extensive documentation and a very supportive community.

Here are 5 tips for android apps development professionals to make things easy:

Before you begin, reserve your namespace

The Android market for apps is global. You need to uniquely identify yourself with a package name that stands out among the rest. So, if you preplan your app launch properly, make it a point to reserve your name in the marketplace!

Listen to what your users have to say

Instead of randomly selecting features for your app and eliminating some other features, it’s a good idea to do a little research. Look for similar apps in the market and check out user reviews or feedback. You will get good inputs about what features work well and what do not. Well, you will also understand what users want and what other apps are not offering. Don’t let your preconceptions about what the apps should be like override what users actually want. After all, you are building the app for users!

Use Android platform’s patterns

Well, it’s an old saying – old habits die hard. Customers are used to using the Android platform in a certain way. So, it’s a good idea to keep your app user friendly. This definitely does not indicate that you give up on innovation, but drastically changing the way the app operates may negatively impact user experience.

View optimization

Build your app for both the views vertical and horizontal. So, make sure that your app is optimized to render well on both the Android views.

Using Android Templates

Today’s technologically advanced world offers various means to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently without affecting the quality. There are plenty of ready themes and templates available for you to download and use instantly. All you need to do is to download the template and begin! The template is pre-designed for you. It saves you a lot of designing time and you can directly get to the development part. Many templates are available for free. All templates are easily customizable and can be tailored to suit your business requirements easily.

To sum it up, Android devices and apps have radically changed the way we work. Android apps development has seen a lot of changes too. Here we discussed a few tips for developers who are just beginning with development. These basic tips can give you a good start. If you start in the right direction, you will definitely be able to create great apps that will serve businesses better!

iOS 10.3.3 – Xcode – How to Build Your First iOS App (Beginners)

In this video, I decided to do something different so I will teach you how to get the basics of Xcode for iOS App creation. We’re going to build together your first iOS app that actually does something pretty interesting. Xcode can be used to create apps for iOS, tvOS, macOS (OS X) and even cross-platform so it will help you understand how your device works even better.

As for this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to create the appropriate icons for Retina Displays used by iDevices, how to load them in Xcode and how the Xcode interface works.
Then we’re going to build an app that is able to detect what iOS version you are running and on what kind of device. A pretty simple project, way much easier than what you can do with Xcode, but it still a better starting point than “Hello world” apps.

We’re going to code in Objective-C in this tutorial, but if you like this series, I will also make tutorials on Swift language, both widely used in iOS App development. Enjoy!

Xcode: https://developer.apple.com/download/
Prepo: https://goo.gl/LRQGH2
NSString Documentation: https://goo.gl/vDfCDO

==Other Awesome Resources==
Dual Boot any iPhone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtu15IGvw3o
iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak – Is it safe?: https://goo.gl/uKPG1k

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WWW: https://fce365.info

Build Your Mobile App Faster with AWS Mobile Services

In this session, we will discuss the top 10 mobile apps architectures and how you can leverage the new cross-platform AWS Mobile Services to build a highly scalable and reliable mobile app, powered by the AWS Cloud. We will explore core functionality like authentication and authorization of users, data synchronization, backend infrastructure without the need to manage servers, understanding your user behavior, engaging your users and bringing your users back to your app. No matter if you are building the next great social app, or a front-office enterprise mobile app, this session will discuss best practices and reference architectures for building reliable and scalable mobile apps.

Mobile Applications: How to Get Started Building Your Own

CREATING your own mobile application has never been easier. If you thought it was something where you had to pay a programmer thousands of pounds to develop, then you are sorely mistaken.

Mobile applications are a piece of software designed to perform a certain function. You could design a game for people to play, an informational app which tells you about something you are interested in, and, you can even set up an affiliate site via an app, and have engaging content on it for people to view. The possibilities with mobile applications are endless.


Well, it’s not as difficult as it looks. Firstly, if you’ve got a great idea, and you know where to look, then you are halfway there. You can look on sites such as ODESK, ELANCE.COM, or FREELANCER for programmers to help you get your app designed. Or, there are several software programs where you have complete control over building it yourself.

Depending on the complexity of your idea, it may cost you, but if it is just a simple app, then you can negotiate with someone on the price. When you first email a programmer, make sure you don’t give your idea away in the first couple of emails or so. Make sure that if you do go with a programmer, that you get them to sign an agreement that means that they cannot pass the idea off as their own. And make sure you have investigated how good they are first – and see examples of their previous work.

A good place to start in the app business is thinking of what people need or what trends are popular on mobile. Games are always going to be popular, but you may be able to come up with an innovative idea that no one has yet thought of.

What you must remember, is once the app is ready, you need to market it. Use every means possible to get your app out there. Website reviews, press release sites such as PR WEB, and TECHCRUNCH all will review an app depending on how good they think it is. Why not advertise your app on a T-Shirt? Social media and bloggers would be another great way to get some publicity for the app.


There are several ways you can make money with a mobile application: They include:

1) Having advertising within the app – advertisers who think they will benefit will definitely want to have space to advertise their products. You control the amount you could charge.

2) Having an app that links to an affiliate product. There are apps that can allow you to embed your affiliate links to a product that people want. All you have to do is put engaging content within the app, and then when people click the affiliate links, they will be asked if they want to purchase the full product.

3) You could build a simple FREE APP, and within it, once the person has had a trial of it, ask them that they need to upgrade to get the full game etc.

4) A PAID APP – users have to pay directly without a FREE TRIAL. In my opinion, the better the app, the more likely that if you offer a FREE TRIAL, the more likely people will pay to get the full version!

Your creativity has no boundaries. All you need is to get thinking, and take action.

Build an App with Architecture Components (GDD India '17)

In this ILT session Lyla Fujiwara will teach you how to build an app from scratch with Architecture Components.

Architecture Components: https://goo.gl/hB2j75

Codelab: https://goo.gl/vti7E9

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Build a Recipe App With React | React Tutorial For Beginners

#react #javascript
In todays episode we are going to take the basics of react and we are going to create a real world application. We are going to learn how to build a food recipe application using only react.

If you are a beginner with react I highly encourage you to follow along because you are going to learn how to put all the small pieces together to understand things like how to fetch data from an api, how to update state and more.

? Things covered in this video:
-Fetch data from an api with react
– How useState and useEffect work
– How to pass down data in react with props

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/deved94
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