App developers love to torture us every now and then. One day you’re using a feature and taking it for granted, the next it’s gone and there’s no way to get it back. More than two years ago, Spotify did that for the swipe down gesture to search in playlists for no reason whatsoever. Now it’s back again.

I don’t know if it was the 2700+ votes on the feature request in Spotify’s community that pushed the devs to bring it back. Or it could be the countless threads that pop up every now and then from people who lament the loss of the gesture. It could also be that Spotify’s devs have decided to do things right by us, Android users, for once. Or maybe the new intern dug through old code, got it, and snuck it in the latest version without anyone noticing.

Whatever the reason, we can now finally swipe down while browsing playlists to change the sorting method or to find a particular track or artist. No more digging in the menu to achieve this. Simple, innit?

The feature is live for both Artem and me on version of the app. We’re not sure if it’s a limited server-side test or a wider rollout, but if you have it, use it while you can. Who knows when it’ll disappear again?

Now if only we could have the swipe to add to queue that’s on iOS, we’d be pretty happy Android users, Spotify. Just sayin’.

Spotify: Listen to podcasts & find music you love
Spotify: Listen to podcasts & find music you love