six new products and the first 5G smartphones. IT Market

Apple presentation: six new products and the first 5G smartphones

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Olga Blinkova | 10/14/2020

Apple presentation: six new products and the first 5G smartphones

Apple has unveiled six new products, including the 5G iPhone, the iPhone 12 mini, and the new HomePod mini smart speaker.

Apple usually presents its new products in September, but this time the pandemic has confused the cards.

Thus, the apple company presented its first 5G smartphone, which arrived in several variations: the “regular” iPhone 12, a mini-model with a screen diagonal of 5.4 inches, the iPhone 12 Pro smartphone with
6.1-inch and iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7-inch.

So, the most important thing about the new products of the Cupertino company.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 features a number of enhancements, including an Apple Super Retina XDR OLED display with deeper blacks and better contrast. Also, the smartphone is protected by a new coating
Ceramic Shield – It is claimed that drop resistance has quadrupled due to this “ceramic shield”. As mentioned above, 5G support has arrived. Chips are used as processors
Apple A14 Bionic. The camera is double. Available body colors are blue, green, black, white and red. Pricing starts at $ 799.

iPhone 12 mini

The filling of the iPhone 12 mini is exactly the same as that of the regular iPhone 12 – a dual camera, the same available colors, Ceramic Shield and an A14 Bionic processor. Only the screen is small and the price is slightly less
– $ 699.

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

The premium 5G smartphones iPhone 12 Pro (6.1-inch) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch) are available in four colors – Silver, Graphite, Gold, and Pacific Blue.
The screens of the devices are manufactured using Super Retina XDR OLED technology, the same Ceramic Shield is used as in simpler models, the processor is the same – A14 Bionic. Triple chamber, with quadruple
optical zoom. Video is recorded in Dolby Vision HDR format. The devices are equipped with a lidar for measuring distances, this will help, in particular, augmented reality applications, as well as photography,
determining the distance to the subject and allowing better focus. The storage capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro ($ 999) and iPhone 12 Pro Max ($ 1099) starts at 128GB. The Phone 12 Pro smartphone will be available for
pre-order October 16, and go on sale October 23. Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 Pro Max will start on November 6, and the device will hit store shelves on November 12.

HomePod mini

The small smart speaker Apple HomePod ($ 99) is much smaller and more rounded than its predecessor model. The device now has an intercom – you can send messages to other speakers. Appeared
compatible with iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Amazon Music. The novelty will arrive in stores on November 16.

Also on display were MagSafe accessories: a wireless charger that attaches to the back of an iPhone, a dual charger designed to power both the iPhone and
and Apple Watch, cases, and a wallet that attaches to the back of an iPhone.

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the split made the securities of these companies more accessible

Apple and Tesla split shares: the split made the securities of these companies more accessible

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Nikolay Blinkov | 12.09.2020

Apple and Tesla split shares: the split made the securities of these companies more accessible

Apple and Tesla are faced with a problem that often confronts companies with growing capitalization – in absolute value, enterprise shares become too expensive for

Therefore, Apple, along with Tesla, split the shares – it quadrupled the number of shares, that is, the holders received four new shares per share, and the securities were split. The company did the same.
Tesla, but only split stocks one in five.

Split is easiest to understand with an example. Let’s say one share is worth $ 400. After the split, the owner will receive four shares of $ 100 each. Thus, there will be more shares, but the total value will not change,
the number of shares in circulation is growing, but the capitalization remains unchanged. Dividends per share, however, are cut four times. Shareholders do not need to do anything;
of the securities they own occurs automatically.

Corporations typically split to make securities cheaper and more affordable for private investors. As a result, the announcement of the split and the split itself can lead to an increase in securities prices.

At Apple, the split was one to four, and at Tesla, it was one to five. Apple shares gained 7.5% after the split, while Tesla shares gained 12.6%.

Note that before the split, one Tesla share was worth $ 2,213.4. This is a significant amount, one security of Elon Musk’s company has become a serious acquisition. After the split, one Tesla share is already priced
at just $ 443, a much more affordable amount.

valuation of company shares

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Apple may be waiting for the FAS check due to problems with developers. IT Market

Apple may be waiting for the FAS check due to problems with developers. IT Market

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Anna Savelieva | 09/07/2020

The deputy from “United Russia” asked the FAS to sort out the situation with difficult access, as a result of which Russian developers cannot pay for their account and are forced to buy profiles on
black market.

how reports “Kommersant” with reference to the appeal of the deputy of August 28, Anton
Gorelkin argues that the company is abusing its monopoly position in the market and ignores the difficult access of Russian application developers to the Apple workspace.

Users have repeatedly complained online; when registering new Apple Developer Program accounts, many have problems at the last stage – payment. Difficulties have been observed since November 2019 and
continue to this day.

From the side of developers, the situation looks like this: after filling in all the data for buying an annual subscription, the system confirms that the payment was successful and the order will be processed in
within two days, but the money is not debited from the card, no further letters are received – in short, nothing happens at all. Creating a new account or using other banks as well
do not give results, and in technical support the blame is shifted to the payment system. The bank, in turn, informs about the absence of a request to write off funds.

The problem is observed not only in Russia, but also abroad, namely in India, Israel, Moldova, Panama, Belarus, South Africa, Vietnam, etc. According to Gorelkin, for developers from China and the United States, where
payment is proceeding normally, an identity verification algorithm using popular payment systems operates. It was the inaccessibility of such a method that became the reason for contacting the FAS. Russian
banks, says the deputy, a different format of the data provided that does not meet the requirements of Apple

The official also stressed that in this way the company is forcing users to purchase accounts registered in the USA and China at a price of $ 300, in order to finally overcome

The developers themselves on the Internet talk about more acceptable ways to solve the problem, but they honestly admit that this will require a fair amount of patience and thoroughness, so
first of all, you will have to draw up an impressive letter to technical support, which details all the steps taken, including those that will be sent as a standard unsubscribe. They include:
an attempt to create a new account, attempts to pay with other cards and use other banks, and, of course, appeals to the banks themselves in order to have something to object to the blame. In case of luck
the user is transferred to the operator of the second line, where the card is debited manually, which cannot be called a full-fledged exit.

Apple itself does not officially recognize the problem and sends it regularly to banks, although payment with American cards is successful. The company does not provide an official position on this matter, as well as
timing of the issue.

The FAS received a request and began work on it, however, the head of the communication regulation and information technology department of the service, Elena Zayeva, told the newspaper that directly from market participants
the regulator received no complaints.

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Let third-party developers into the App Store without moderation. IT Market

FAS against Apple: let third-party developers enter the App Store without moderation

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Natalia Solovieva | 08/24/2020

FAS against Apple: let third-party developers enter the App Store without moderation

The Federal Antimonopoly Office found Apple guilty of abusing its dominant position in the iOS mobile application market. The investigation lasted
year. Apple will have to address the violations. However, the company itself does not agree with the FAS verdict.

The reason for initiating the case was a complaint from Kaspersky Lab.

According to its management, Apple rejected the versions of the parental control program Kaspersky Safe Kids developed by the company without any reason.

Apple has been pursuing a policy that limits the tools and capabilities for developing parental control applications for nearly two years, according to informed media. So, in one
from its official statements, the company explained the removal of third-party parental control applications from the App Store by the fact that they did not meet the requirements for
user security and privacy.

Interestingly, experts note that the beginning of this policy of restrictions coincides with the release of Apple’s pre-installed Screen Time application. Its functionality is similar to
parental control applications. For example, Screen Time analyzes how the user works with applications and websites, and creates detailed daily and weekly reports, which reflect
the total time spent in each application, and many other indicators, including the number of sessions with the gadget. The user thus gets a complete picture of his
work with the device, and, using the App Limits function, gets the opportunity to limit the time of work with a specific application, website or category as a whole.

As a result, a significant part of the functionality of third-party applications was lost. In addition, according to FAS experts, Apple applies non-transparent requirements to software developers.

According to the official message of the antitrust department, the results of the investigation showed that Apple is in a dominant position.
in the market of mobile applications for iOS – in fact, the company’s share is 100%. Customers can install this or that application exclusively from the App Store (about illegal methods
there is no download of speech). In addition, the company abuses its position in relation to developers of parental control mobile applications and restricts competition in the market.
applications for mobile devices running iOS. For example, the company does not allow any third-party applications in the App Store, despite the degree of compliance of the latter with all requirements.

Following the investigation, the FAS will send an order to Apple, and the company will have to eliminate all violations specified in the document. As the deputy head of the FAS Alexey Dotsenko stated in the media,
for application developers, access to the App Store is the only opportunity to distribute their products on the iOS operating system, and the conditions for market access without discrimination
are essential to maintaining a competitive environment.

As Eldar Murtazin, an analyst at Mobile Research Group, commented, the amount of the first fine in this case will be insignificant – only 5 thousand rubles. But if the intruder is not the problem
will correct, then the next fine will be a certain part of the turnover, and its amount can reach hundreds of millions of rubles. Apple cannot lose the Russian market and will make concessions, believes

The top management of Kaspersky Lab, in turn, is satisfied with the decision taken by the FAS. “Abuse of large corporations and the transfer of their market power, with negative effects on
competition in adjacent markets must be suppressed, ”the media leadership is quoted as saying. The company expressed the hope that Apple will correct its policy towards competitors, no longer
will create privileged conditions for its applications and obstruct other companies.

Apple considers the FAS decision unfair – the company plans to file an appeal. As the company commented, the recommendations for parental control apps were
updated because the technologies they use can pose threats to user security and privacy. Parental control apps of all those developers
that use Mobile Device Management technology in accordance with the new standards have been approved and are now available in the App Store. ” The very same Kaspersky Lab,
the initiator of the complaint to the FAS, worked with Apple to ensure that its application meets all the new requirements. At the moment, according to the company, Kaspersky Lab is placing in the App Store
13 of their applications, and the number of updates released for them is already in the hundreds.

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Apple indirectly confirms its intention to abandon the complete chargers in the line of iPhone 12

Apple indirectly confirms its intention to abandon the complete chargers in the line of iPhone 12

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Nikolai Blinkov | 07/12/2020

Apple indirectly confirms its intention to abandon the complete chargers in the line of iPhone 12

It seems to be a trifle – yes it is important. Apple is changing the package bundle. Through a survey of current iPhone users, this became clear. The iPhone 12 doesn’t have a charger, all four
devices will be equipped with OLED displays. Such information is contained in the release of Apple. In 2019, the vendor released the iPhone 11 with an LCD display when the iPhone Pro comes with OLED.

Such statements were recently made by Barcalys analysts, and then Ming-Chi-Kuo said the same. In addition, Apple is likely to exclude more headphones. Nikkei source also released a report that
confirms this information.

Some iPhone users are mocking, saying that Apple sends out another request asking the question how the user disposed of his charger. Choices: sold, given
to a relative, lost, use at home, use outside the home, own and don’t use, it doesn’t work or works badly. Despite the fact that the survey itself, of course, does not mean anything, but against the background
Rumors can be considered indirect evidence that the new iPhone will not be equipped with a charging unit. Recall that rumors confirm that there will also be no headphones in the kit.

The release of the new iPhone, delayed due to the “coronavirus” and the upcoming event will be held in September-October this year. Diagonals of new screens are 5.4; 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

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The Apple App Store and Apple Pay have become the new target of the EU antitrust regulator. IT Market

Apple App Store and Apple Pay become the new target of EU antitrust regulator

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Sergey Dragun | 06/17/2020

Apple App Store and Apple Pay become the new target of EU antitrust regulator

The European Commission said that one investigation will consider Apple’s mandatory requirement for application developers. The company prohibits them from informing iPhone and iPad users about
cheaper purchase options.

Spotify, a Swedish music streaming service, filed a complaint. Last year, he complained that Apple was unfairly restricting competitors to its own Apple Music service.

Another complaint is 30% of the commission Apple takes from application developers.

Spotify welcomed EU study. He hopes that the regulator will quickly review the case.

“It seems like Apple is getting the role of a gatekeeper when it comes to distributing applications and content to users of Apple devices,” said European Competition Commissioner Margret

In the second case, the main focus is on working with the Apple Pay mobile payment service. The company imposes terms of use in applications and on websites of sellers. Also Apple
refuses to provide competitors access to the payment system.

Regulators are also worried that Apple Pay is the only mobile payment application that is allowed to use the tap and go feature on the iPhone.

Apple criticized EU investigations and stated that the European Commission supports unfounded complaints from several companies that simply want to go free and don’t want to play the same
rules like everyone else.

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Apple shares update record. IT Market

Apple shares update record

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Nikolai Blinkov | 06/13/2020

Apple shares update record

Apple is getting more expensive. Apple shares updated the record. What led to this? Yes, it seems, optimism about the upcoming iPhone, with 5G support and good App Store performance. Writes about it
Barron`s Edition. So, by the close of the Nasdaq stock exchange on June 5, Apple’s stock price stopped at $ 331.5. This is 2.85% more than the day before. And this was a record for the vendor.

From the very beginning of this year, Apple shares have been growing, and then growth began to accelerate. So, it increased by 12%, and since March 23, the cost has increased by 46%. May 5, Apple’s market capitalization reached $ 1.44
trillion This is more than that of Microsoft, whose capitalization by June 5 of this year amounted to $ 1.42 trillion. Apple’s market value will be $ 1.5 trillion dollars at a stock price of $ 346 dollars and $ 2 trillion
dollars at $ 462 dollars. Wedbush analyst Dan Ives kept his Apple stock rating at Outperform, but raised the outlook for their value to $ 375 from $ 350. He also writes that with
the most optimistic scenario, Apple securities will cost $ 425. According to this expert, Apple managed to withstand the big problems caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.
weak macroeconomic situation and disruption in supply chains from Asia. Credit Suisse also raised the expected price of Apple shares from $ 260 to $ 295 and kept their rating at the same level – Neutral.
Analysts say Apple is expanding its business in the App Store. Apple’s stock price is affected by the results of the last fiscal quarter, which ended at the end of March 2020, with
services (App Store and Apple Music, Apple News +, TV + and Arcade) amounted to $ 13.3 billion, which is 16.6% more than a year earlier. According to Credit Suisse, Apple’s current stock growth indicates
that a pandemic does not affect the service industry. Evercore analysts believe that Apple will be the first to reach a capitalization mark of $ 2 trillion, and will do so by the vendor over the next 4 years. According to
experts, the manufacturer’s upcoming products are unlikely to lead to a revolution in the market.

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iOS How to Specify Size Class Specific Constraints

You’ll learn how to specify size class specific constraints in this video. For this particular demo, we’re doing it for the landscape orientation.

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Tutorial – How to Building Your First Apache Cordova App

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Webscape: Build your own universe – BBC Click

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