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Program app would attract more registrations with online registration forms and get real-time updates on the numbers. Build this app on a low-code platform, Deluge, powered by Zoho Creator. This is a simple drag-and-drop interface and a few lines of guided scripting. 

Through this Program Management App, appoint supervisors to oversee the whole program and delegate individual tasks to other volunteers. As soon as you assign organizers and add participants, an email automatically gets delivered to them with all updates regarding the program, such as cancellation and rescheduling. You can also automate the app to send periodic reminders to everyone as the program date approaches.

From business conferences to galas, manage every program with clockwork precision.
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Konga: Learnings from Building with Polymer (Progressive Web App Summit 2016)

Konga is a leading e-commerce website in Nigeria, selling everything from books to fridges to mobile phones. Mobile devices provide the largest source of traffic and user growth.

The Konga team explain how they built a PWA with Polymer to accommodate user needs for this market and its specifics.

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Hosting an Ionic Application with Continuous Integration on Netlify

In this video, we walk through how to host an Ionic application on Netlify using GitHub.

#ionic #angular #netlify

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Webscape: Build your own universe – BBC Click

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From a download that lets you create virtual stars and planets using real data to the app telling you when you can view the International Space Station in the sky, Kate Russell rounds up some of the best websites and apps connected with space. (Website links can be found at the bottom of the page).

Space Engine (
Nasa Science: A Journey of Discovery (
Science Museum: Journeys of Invention (iPad) (
ISS Detector (
How Many People Are In Space Right Now (
Telescope (
Cozmic Zoom (

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The Truth about app development – how coding has changed in 2020.

Ex-Google TechLead explains why apps and websites are so hard to succeed. Check out for unlimited access to the world’s top documentaries and non­fiction series, and enter promo code ‘techlead’ for a free 30-day membership.

In today’s era, independent apps and websites have seen a decline. Rather, I think “code” plays its strongest role when holistically integrated with social media. That is, code must be social-media first. For an example of how my web project integrates with my social media presence, check out

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How To Make Money Online – Development AppStore Apps-Easy(HD)

How To Make Money Online
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Look, there is so much money in having your own application and the reason people stay clear of it is usually because they think it’s WAY too hard to start.

Let me tell you something. There’s so many ways to start up your own app without any knowledge of anything app related! All you need is the idea! That’s the key.

Have you heard of iFart? Well the person who created it did not know anything about programming or App development at all. They just had the funny idea and took action to make it real. And now he is averaging about $10,000 per day from this stupidly simple application!! Just think about it! How’s that possible? That is huge!

You see, the great thing about it is that once your app is in the app store, it is exposed to millions and millions of iphone users, and using the few easy tricks that I will show you, you can drive tons of dirt cheap traffic to it! And it’s like a snowball, it keeps rolling and increasing in size each day!

Let me ask you this.

Why is it so great to have your own app or game? There are two different ways to go when having your own App. You can either go the “pay” route when someone has to pay from 99 cents to $10 to buy your app. The other way to go is the “free” route. Most people don’t even think of making their app free but there is actually less competition and therefore you can make a ton of money.

How to leverage React Native to build mobile apps fast

You would have to close your eyes when reviewing 2019’s Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results and not notice the most popular programming language amongst developers continues to be JavaScript. Whilst this trend has remained largely unchanged the past 7 years; a more recent evolution is the realisation that a single code base for multiple environments is not a pipe-dream, and there is no longer a need to have multiple native applications for both iOS and Android.

In this session we will dive into the current popularity of mobile development with React Native, building our own mobile application using GraphQL API, and some common libraries that will help accelerate the development process.

This webinar will be suitable for those who are interested in extending their web-development skill sets and build a hybrid application that can be deployed to mobile platforms.

Guest speaker:
Ioanna Lampropoulou, Senior Software Engineer at Sea/ with 8+ years of experience in building products in shipping, banking and retail. Ioanna joined Sea/ in 2017 and worked in projects with a huge impact on the company, modernising many of its current processes. Keen on exploring new technologies, defining best practices and providing insightful solutions, she moved from writing COBOL and RPG for core banking systems to JavaScript and React in the shipping sector.

Top 5 free apps maker website # best mobile application builder websites hindi #anutechinfo

is video me maine aapako top 5 app banane wali website ke baare me bataya hai. in site ki madat se aap browser , earning app, business, apane blog aor channel , messenger aise hi kayi prakar ki android phone application bana sakate hai vo bhi free me,
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