?1. First C++ Program using Visual Studio 2015 IDE – write, compile, build, run! ?

Write, compiler, build and run your first C++ Program using Visual Studio 2015. You will be building your first “Hello World” program in C++. Technically, you will be building a Win32 Console Application. Learn how to create a “pause” section so your program does not close until you choose it to.
ENHANCED VERSION: https://youtu.be/E-4SvjqChiI
Some of the hardest parts of beginning to program is figuring out how to configure your project and getting that first program running. So dive right in and get to learning. Comment below with your feedback.
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Saving data into an XML File from TextBoxes |C# WPF|

Problem Statement:
You are required to create a WPF application which will take Student’s data as input and save it in xml file, title must be your VU ID:

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Learn how you can use the 3D Game Kit to create game levels without writing any code.

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[Angular 2 Tutorial] [NEW COURSE] Xamarin Forms: Build Cross-platform Native Apps with C#

[Angular 2 Tutorial] [NEW COURSE] Xamarin Forms: Build Cross-platform Native Apps with C#.
Want to build native mobile apps with C#? With Xamarin Forms you can build native mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows. Get my brand new and highly pragmatic Xamarin Course on Udemy with a discount:

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DevOps with VSTS: CI-CD for Xamarin Android app

Learn how to create the CI-CD pipelines for Xamarin Android app using VSTS.

Cross-Platform Application Development with OpenCV 4 & Qt 5: Set Up Qt for Android|packtpub.com

This video tutorial has been taken from Cross-Platform Application Development with OpenCV 4 and Qt 5. You can learn more and buy the full video course here [https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/cross-platform-application-development-opencv-4-and-qt-5-video]

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Windows store app simple media player

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Creating a simple weather app – Windows Application

What you will learn: In this Video you’ll learn how to create a simple weather application by JSon to CSharp Parsing.
We will use some third-party resources to complete our task.

Note: I have used windows phone methodology for development but it is same for all store apps.

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Learn How To Build Android App (Livecoding.TV)

Watch entire video here:

Watch thatBROWNguy and learn how to build an Android apps thanks to him.

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