Learn how you can use the 3D Game Kit to create game levels without writing any code.

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Setup and Review of the UniFi Video NVR On Linux & The UniFi Phone APP

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Setup and Review of the UniFi Video NVR On Linux & The UniFi Phone APP


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Custom Camera View! (Swift 2 in Xcode)

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Snapchat – archetapp *Swift 2 is now Swift 3 and a lot of changes have occurred. The logic behind these videos are still the pretty much the same, which is why I choose to leave them up, but syntax changes have occurred. Working hard to get these updated ASAP. 🙂

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How to Make a Night Vision Camera From a Regular Digital Camera (Infrared IR)

How to convert a digital camera into an infrared night vision camera. I needed a camera that could film in the darkness of night whilst doing astronomy, so I converted this old snappy to be able to see infrared light. It works a treat!

camera and audio capture via ffmpeg on android device

Test sample of input audio and video device support for ffmpeg on android phone (i use samsung galaxy S2)
Source code is here
build script: ./tools/build_libstagefright
command: ./ffmpeg -y -threads 1 -f lsfaudio -i n -f lsfcamera -device_idx
0 -i d -acodec mp2 -vcodec mpeg2mpeg -s 320×240 -vb 2M /sdcard/test.mpeg

How to Build Camera Code in Android Studio | Start Activity for Result(Tutorial 4)

In this video shows the how to Build Camera Code in Android Studio and how to use Intent Start Activity For Result.

Hands-on With Facebook's AR Studio to Create Snapchat-like Camera Effects

This week at its F8 conference, Facebook debuted its Camera Effects Platform for developers and design to create Snapchat-style camera effects using a new Mac app called AR Studio.

Evan's Megasquirt Build Ep 31 – Android Gauges

Next Episode: TBD

Apps I think I’ll be using:
Tasker – Handle power up and sleep on charger off (ignition switch control)
Auto Lux – Backlight handling by sunset time and/or camera, since I have no ambient light sensor.
PowerAmp – Best car mp3/audio player I’ve found so far.
No Lock – Name says it all.
ES File Explorer – Wifi data management / music transfer, apk install, etc.

Swift 4 & Firebase 4 – Build A Beautiful Custom Camera – Ep98 Build Instagram

Next episode: News Feed Revisited, Feed Pagination: Don’t Load Millions of Posts at Once. Load Some Posts First; Load More If Needed. A Scalable Way That No One Was Able to Teach You. (Part 1). (Subscribe for more).

Or learn in FULL now this biggest and best-crafted iOS social network course & tutorial on the internet at

CURRICULUM (102 lectures):

– Swift 4 and Firebase 4
– Beautiful UI.
– Email Log In and Sign Up with Robust Error Checking.
– Share Photo and Video Posts on UI and Firebase.
– Retrieve and Show Posts Fast and Scalable.
– Comment. Show and Hide Keyboard. Design Scalable Database.
– Like Post The Scalable Way: Thousands of Users Can Like A Post at
The Same Time.
– Design Profile and Display User Information.
– Follow, Unfollow and All That.
– Like and Follow: The Model-View-Controller Approach.
– News Feed Revisited: Show Your Posts and Those by Followed
– Search the Right Way: Search As You Type.
– Everything You Need to Know about Visiting A User Profile.
User Setting.
– View Post Details When Tapping a Post.
– Display Photos Based on Their Sizes Using Dynamic Heights.
– Filter Photos.
– Hashtags and User Mentioning.
– Show Timestamps for Posts.
– Notifications.
– Walkthrough.

– News Feed Revisited: Don’t Load Millions of Post at Once. Load
Some Posts First; Load More If Needed.
– Order Posts on Feed Based on Anything You Want: Time, Trending,
and All That.
– Build A Beautiful Custom Camera.

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