Ryan Learns coding and hack Minecraft by building his own laptop with Kano Computer Kit

Ryan Learns coding and hack Minecraft by building his own laptop with Kano Computer Kit
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Ryan and Daddy learns how to build Kano Computer together!
With Kano Computer Kit, anyone can learn how to code and build their own Kano Computer!
Kano comes with all the apps and programs need to learn coding, create music, make art, and unleash creativity! Don’t just play Minecraft, learn coding to hack it! Great Educational activity for kids that’s family fun for everyone!

YTHDHACK:How to get a command prompt for android phone


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Windows 8 build 9200 enterprise After install's – part 2

Most of you will find the install not so hard..how ever it’s important to know what kind of apps and how to install them and watch out for them spyware guys , trying to trick us to install software that will brutaly hijack your pc and browser , such a pity..

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Xcode Tutorials – Changing App Name

Today I will be showing you how to change you app name within your Xcode Project.
This is our 7th video within our X – Tutorials Application.

Windows 10 Build 10565: Messaging app, Activation, Cortana, UI changes

Full video tour of Windows 10 build 10565. In this new build for Insiders part of the Threshold 2 update, Microsoft is including changes on Cortana to recognize handwriting to create reminders, updated context menus on Start, and Settings and Microsoft Edge include new features.

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In addition, Windows 10 build 10565 is the first official preview to offer early version of the new Messaging, Skype Video, and Phone apps powered by Skype.

Notification System in PHP and MySql Tutorial with Source Code

Notification System just as Facebook in PHP and MySql Tutorial
With complete from scratch PHP codes and bootstrap starter template using PDO not mysqli. It is powered by MySql in localhost/phpmyadmin.

For the complete Source Code check out this link from github: https://github.com/jjlabajo/NotificationSystemInPHP

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How to Install Bluestacks On Windows 8 / Windows 8.1

In this video I am going to show How to Install Bluestacks On Windows 8 / Windows 8.1.

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What's new in Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 – Build 15046 (2017)

In this video we will show you the new features and updates on the new Windows 10 Insider Preview codenamed Redstone 2.

What’s new in this update (Build 15046):

Color of Cortana’s home on the taskbar: You had a LOT of opinions on this topic and we have been loving the enthusiastic feedback coming in! We finished our experiment with the color of Cortana’s home on the taskbar and for now, it’s back to the color it was before. Thanks for your feedback on this change.

Windows Defender Improvements: Windows Defender Security Center has added a notification icon to the notification area so you can see your protection status at a glance. You can also easily launch the app from the notification icon. Windows Defender Antivirus notifications also now lead to Windows Defender Security Center when clicked. Also: Windows Defender Security Center can now be launched directly from the Settings app and the “App and Browser” page is now functional.

Pick up where you left off in Cortana: We are experimenting with how we display what you can pick up where you left off across your devices in Cortana. Cortana now proactively shows you apps, files and websites from Microsoft Edge. Previously, this feature only displayed websites from Microsoft Edge in Action Center.

Improved translations: For Insiders who speak non-English languages, we wanted to let you know that we have heard your feedback on our translations and have been actively making improvements. With this build you should see improvements – particularly in OOBE and for some of our newer settings, but across the system as well.

Updated Gaming Settings icon: A lot of you sent in feedback on this. We listened and adjusted the Gaming icon in Settings to feel more inline with the other icons on the Settings home page.

Application Installation Control: You now have the option to control what type of apps are allowed to install on your PC. This setting is available by going to Settings _ Apps _ Apps & features. You can choose to only allow installation of Store apps, choose to be warned when installing a non-Store app but allow their installation, or choose to allow installation of apps from anywhere.

When you choose either of the Store options, you’ll see a warning when attempting to install a non-Store app. The warning will direct you to the Store where you can download an alternate app if available. In some cases, when there’s already an equivalent app in the Store, the warning will provide link to that app. This is an opt-in feature, and the default setting is to allow installation of apps from anywhere. (Note: This went live with last week’s build.)

Other changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

We fixed the issue causing a small percentage of PCs to fail to update to recent builds due to a corrupt registry key.
We fixed the issue causing Microsoft Edge and / or the taskbar to stop responding requiring you to open Task Manager to restart explorer.exe.
Windows Hello face authentication should work again on Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices.
After updating to a new build, we’ve updated the text on the welcome screen to say “Might take several minutes” instead of “Might take several minutes or so”. Thanks to everyone who sent feedback on how the original phrasing was overly casual.
Cortana’s background is now black instead of the previous grey.
We fixed an issue in tablet mode where, with certain DPI levels, Start tiles would render on first launch of Start after entering tablet mode but on subsequent launches would appear blank.
We fixed an issue resulting in Shift+F10 not working to open context menus for websites displayed in Microsoft Edge.
We fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge where using the left/right arrow keys might sometimes unexpectedly result in forward/back page navigation.
We fixed an issue resulting in copy failing the first time you tried to copy a password from the LastPass extension in Microsoft Edge to a website.
We fixed an issue resulting in the Microsoft Edge app window being unexpectedly slow to follow your mouse when dragging it around the screen.
We fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge where, after opening a link in a new tab, tooltips might start drawing behind the Microsoft Edge window instead of on top.

We fixed an issue resulting in being unable to mount an ISO with the sparse file attribute set.
We fixed an issue where handwriting text candidates might stop working properly after using strikethrough to erase words written in the handwriting panel.
We fixed an issue resulting in the Korean IME’s composition indicator unexpectedly not appearing when typing jamo into certain text fields.
We fixed an issue where app updates in the Store may fail with error code 0x8020002B.
We fixed an alignment issue with entries on the Sign-in options Settings page.
We fixed the issue causing the Microsoft Edge F12 Developer Tools to intermittently crash, hang, and fail to accept inputs.


Today we unbox and build a $49.99 KamiGami Robot! This foldable robot is built from scratch and the end result is truly amazing! With a full variety of control from battle, dance, to even program, it makes a great learning robot for anyone.

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Kamigami is a build-it-yourself robot platform using foldable plastic material. It is the perfect STEM toy because it makes building your own robot easy, yet rewarding – no engineering degree or tools required! Designed after nature’s fastest critters, they magically fold up from a flat sheet & zoom over almost any terrain, even outside. Download the free app from your favorite app store to drive your Kamigami robot, battle with friends, play interactive games, or, best of all, design and program your robot’s reactions, games and movements. The visual programming interface makes it easy to blink lights, play sounds and maneuver around obstacles. The app will continually offer new updates and game suggestions, so there’s no room to get bored. Kamigami robots are light as a feather and quick as a bug!

Kamigami makes robot engineering fun and easy
Build your robot by folding lightweight, flat sheets of plastic
Program your robot with easy-to-use interface that puts you in control
Play with your robot by driving, racing and battling using the free app
Teach your Kamigami new tricks and games
IR Sensors let you battle with friends
Dash Robotics™, the Dash Robotics logo, Kamigami™ and the logo are trademarks of Dash Robotics, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Dash Robotics, Inc. reserves the right to amend or improve the product design

Bytes by MSDN: Windows 8 Development Resources

Jaime covers the multitude of resources available for developers interested in building Windows 8 apps. Millions of people will be buying Windows 8 and Jaime urges developers to leverage resources at the Windows devcenter, DevCamps, blogs and more to build apps and take advantage of the market opportunity now.

Ready to Get Started?
1.Visit the Windows Developer Center for a myriad of sample, docs and guidelines: http://bit.ly/PwV3sE
2.Join the Generation App program and get a jumpstart building your Windows Store app. http://bit.ly/PwVi6R