Sencha CMD 5 and Ext JS 5 Support – Modus Webinar

Jay Garcia and Grgur Grisogono, authors of ‘Ext JS in Action SE’, will discuss Ext JS 5 tablet support, and the new features of Sencha Cmd 5.

Jay Garcia has 20 plus years of technology and consulting experience in leading RIA development for companies around the world. He is actively involved in the Sencha community, and the author of ‘Ext JS In Action SE’ and “Sencha Touch In Action.’

Grgur Grisogono has background in JavaScript, Ext JS and Sencha Touch with a wealth of experience in architecture and implementation of desktop and mobile applications. Grgur is co author of “Ext JS In Action SE.’

Table of Contents:

Introduction – 0:00
Class System – 3:33
Events – 6:50
Widgets – 10:20
Mobile Deployment – 14:00
Questions? – 18:00

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Quick and Easy Web Development with Sencha

Do you want to know how to develop complex cross-platform enterprise web applications? How can you come from an idea to a working prototype in a couple of days? How can you visualise and handle in a browser huge enterprise data sets in Grids, PivotGrids, Trees and Charts? In our webinar, Olga Petrova will show you a detailed overview of Sencha Ext JS and Architect, and their technical advantages for developing business-critical data-intensive web applications.

This video is ideal for Delphi developers creating web applications.

This webinarrecording is presented by:
Olga Petrova, Sales Engineer – Sencha
Ben Gilbert, Account Manager – Grey Matter

Getting Started with Sencha Eclipse Plugin

Hi everyone,

I decided to record a screencast to show how to install and use the Sencha Eclipse Plugin. I recorded in English and I tried to speak slowly as I could. I did not use a script, but promisse I will use in my next one!

Hope this screencast can help you in any way!


Разработка для WEB в Embarcadero RAD Studio, интеграция с Sencha Ext JS Андрей Совцов 14 11 18

Семинар «Универсальные технологии Sencha: ускорение и упрощение разработки корпоративных WEB-приложений», 14 ноября, г.Москва

Grid Component: Building an Ext JS Application Using Modern Toolkit

This is the 5th video of a 6-part series for “Building an Ext JS Application Using Modern Toolkit.” In this episode we will discuss an Ext JS grid component, add a grid to our application and connect it to data.