Google Chrome will warn users before entering data into unsafe forms

Google Chrome will warn users before entering data into unsafe forms

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Sergei Dragun

In Chrome 86, there will be a warning feature that informs you that the input of personal data on a page is not protected by HTTPS encryption and therefore is insecure.

Often, encrypted HTTPS pages have forms for entering personal information. In many cases, these forms only support the HTTP protocol and are not as secure as the page on which
they are.

Now Google Chrome will warn users before entering personal data that forms are insecure and do not support the HTTPS protocol. This is how the company expects to protect personal data from
kidnapping by scammers.

Google will also disable autocomplete on such forms. When the user notices that autocomplete does not work, it will be an additional warning for him about the danger of typing
your data, passwords and bank details.

Previously, Google tried to warn users about this problem differently — the padlock icon disappeared from the address bar when it encountered an HTTP form.

The company claims that such a warning was not clear enough – few people paid attention to it.

Google strongly recommends that developers translate forms to fill in data to HTTPS.

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Google is preparing for a long-term coronavirus pandemic. IT Market

Google prepares for long-term coronavirus pandemic

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Natalia Solovieva | 07/31/2020

Google prepares for long-term coronavirus pandemic

Search giant Google intends to maintain the remote work mode for almost another year, until July 2021. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources, this
the decision will affect almost all full-time employees of Alphabet holding (parent company of Google) and its divisions, which number about 200 thousand people, as well as employees,
working under contracts.

True, back in May of this year it was assumed that Google employees who switched to work from home in March, in the very
the beginning of the spread of the pandemic, will be able to return to their workplaces in offices as early as June or July. For those who wish, the leadership will give the opportunity to remain on the “remote” until the end of 2020.
However, the head of Google, Sundar Pichai, according to The Wall Street Journal, found previous forecasts for COVID-19 too optimistic.

The head of the holding explained such a decisive extension of the remote mode by his intention to make life easier for employees with children, for whom parents could not plan a study due to
the uncertainty created by the pandemic. A number of other employees, having the opportunity to work remotely, will be able to abandon expensive rental housing and move to where apartments are cheaper.

As experts say in the media, by taking measures to delay the return to normal, familiar life, the search giant receives the status of the first large corporation in the United States, which decided on
establishing such a long schedule of remote work. In addition, Alphabet is thus increasing pressure on other tech giants who are planning a comeback.
staff in offices for January next year. And finally, the decision to extend the remote work policy for next year is a kind of indication that the leadership of the IT giant
preparing for a prolonged pandemic.

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Google will invest $ 2 billion in a data center in Poland. IT Market

Google will invest $ 2 billion in a data center in Poland

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Sergey Dragun | 06/25/2020

Google will invest $ 2 billion in a data center in Poland

The new data center will become part of the Google Network. It consists of 20 regions and 61 accessibility zones that serve Google Cloud customers.

Last year, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said that Warsaw was chosen because Poland is experiencing a period of rapid growth, accelerating the digital transformation, and has also become
international software development center.

Poland aims to become a regional technology center. Microsoft announced last month that it would spend $ 1 billion building a data center in the country.
The competition for the dominance of cloud services continues to escalate.

Google’s data center is being built in partnership with Domestic Cloud Provider, the Polish joint venture of PKO Bank Polski, the largest financial institution in Central and Eastern Europe, and
Polish Development Fund, a state investment company.

The data center will become a reseller of Google Cloud services in Poland and will increase the capabilities of managed services around Google Cloud. The technology giant expects the data center to be introduced in
operation by the beginning of 2021.

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Google will force users to check the strength of passwords

Google will force users to check the strength of passwords

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Sergey Dragun | 06/24/2020

Google will force users to check the strength of passwords

“Passwords are one of the worst things on the Internet,” said Mark Risher, senior director of account security at Google. They are necessary for safety and help people enter
applications and accounts on sites. And they are the main way through which attackers penetrate into someone else’s profile.

Google has long been trying to minimize the damage from data leaks. In the coming weeks, the Password Checkup plugin will take its place in the Security Checkup dashboard built into each account.
Google record.

52% of people use the same password for multiple accounts, and 13% use the same password for all their accounts. And this is despite the fact that it is possible to use a password manager.

And although the same “single key” from everything can be complicated and consist of a combination of letters, numbers and symbols that no one can guess – one password for all accounts exposes
user hazard. If it is compromised, hackers will instantly gain access to other accounts.

Google tried to help users develop good habits – for many years the company has been offering a built-in password manager in Google accounts on Chrome and Android. But the whole past
Google also worked to help people make good passwords with Password Checkup for a year. The utility scans the database with 4 billion leaks and checks if there is such a password.

The idea is not new, but Google has unique capabilities – the company has access to billions of passwords and can deploy verification and integrate it with other tools.

Google’s task was to find a way to automatically verify a person’s credentials against a database of hacked logins, without giving the user access to the entire database.

Google sends hashed and encrypted information – it does not see the user’s password, and the user does not see the list of compromised passwords. If Google finds a match, then
will show a warning recommending a password change for the site.

Thus, the risk of hacking your account will decrease, and users will begin to come up with new passwords.

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