SVG Icons Animation – HTML CSS Tutorial

How to design icons in Sketch app and how to make an animation using Flinto and how to convert the animation to website design using HTML and CSS.

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lit-HTML (Chrome Dev Summit 2017)

lit-HTML is a next-generation templating library that combines powerful web platform primitives – JavaScript tagged template literals and HTML templates – to help you build expressive templates for efficiently creating and updating DOM. In this video, Justin Fagnani dives into lit-HTML so that you can get on the fast path to building performant, dynamic applications.

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Let's Build for Google App Engine – Light Grid #3 – Grid Clicking!

In this episode of Let’s Build we build the Grid Clicking functionality for our Light Grid, which will allow everyone to change a pixel’s color by clicking on it!

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Hello World | ELECTRON | Desktop Applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript

In this video tutorial i will be showing you guys how you can develop or build a hello world desktop application using electron.

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cross platform mobile app development using intel xdk (html, css, js)

cross platform mobile app development using intel xdk (html, css, js)
mvvm: google’s angularjs
ui: twitter’s bootstrap
backend: firebase

OSX Application Menu Search

Late Night Hack – Episode 4 – We talk about a handy shortcut for the menu in OSX.

Securing Android Apps Rapid Android app development with RAD Studio

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Learn How To Build Android App (Livecoding.TV)

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Watch thatBROWNguy and learn how to build an Android apps thanks to him.

Blog: is a brand of our parent company LiveEdu, Inc. is an interactive social coding platform where you can watch professionals code in real time. Like a TV. went live first on Feb. 23, 2015. The idea was inspired by Michael playing games and developing software in a Linux virtualbox environment. The aha moment came with the question “what if there was a livestreaming platform where software engineers could share code, exchange experiences, socialize and take their coding to the next level. Today is a reality with over 150,000 users from 194 countries, 35 programming languages and 3000 products being developed live. Our users are professional engineers, computer science students and hobby coders.

LiveEdu started with the category “software development”, but we will be opening up soon for other categories. LiveEdu’s vision is to be the next-generation Linkedin. A place for professionals to share their work live and hang out with peers. What if there was a place where people could share their work live and interact with peers worldwide. is funded by top-notch private angels, Y-combinator and European Pioneers.

Export Unity Games to WebGL and Upload them to the Web

Learn how to Export Unity Games in WebGL and Upload them to the web in under 5 minutes.

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