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Program app would attract more registrations with online registration forms and get real-time updates on the numbers. Build this app on a low-code platform, Deluge, powered by Zoho Creator. This is a simple drag-and-drop interface and a few lines of guided scripting. 

Through this Program Management App, appoint supervisors to oversee the whole program and delegate individual tasks to other volunteers. As soon as you assign organizers and add participants, an email automatically gets delivered to them with all updates regarding the program, such as cancellation and rescheduling. You can also automate the app to send periodic reminders to everyone as the program date approaches.

From business conferences to galas, manage every program with clockwork precision.
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How to Use Git with Ionic Projects

Learn how to use Git and BitBucket (or GitHub) with your Ionic 2 projects for backing up code, revision control, and collaboration with others.

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Hosting an Ionic Application with Continuous Integration on Netlify

In this video, we walk through how to host an Ionic application on Netlify using GitHub.

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How to Make an App | AppSheet

Learn how to build an app in a few simple steps. Start with sample data or select your own. Watch the video for a step-by-step tutorial.

This video is from a few years ago, so the editor looks pretty different now. For a more up-to-date tutorials on using your data to make an app, check out the following videos:
Property Management App from a Google Sheet in 10 minutes:

Project Management App:

Use your data to build powerful mobile apps. Get started for FREE with AppSheet:

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Use your data to build powerful mobile apps. Get started for FREE with AppSheet:

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How To Make Android App Without Coding

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To make an android app without coding or have skill on programming it so hard, and many people thinking that they can’t build there apps, if you are one of thoes people don’t lose hope now you can make your android app without coding just by using Appszero, to read more about how just check out this link :

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So You Wanna Build an App?

People who have ideas often approach me to ask how to get a mobile app built. So let’s dive into what it may take to get started on your mobile app idea!

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How to Create a Flashcards App

Santiago works on an app for education. This is a flashcards app where you can edit questions and answers, with images in a spreadsheet and the student navigates Q & As via the app.

For more information on how to use actions in your apps, check out the Actions help documentation:

There is also a video demo on actions:

If you’re interested in more app making demos check out this quick property management app demo:

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Use your data to build powerful mobile apps. Get started for FREE with AppSheet:

How Do You Find App Development Companies | Questions to ask your app developer

How do you find the best app development companies? Luckily these days there are various resources you can tap into to find the perfect app agency for your project. Chief Changemaker Puff talks us through the best ways to find the best companies.

As part of our campaign to demystify all areas of the app development process, we’ve written blog posts expanding on each of the points made in the video, check them out below:

How should you manage an app development project?

How Should Developers Manage Your App Development Project?

How long does it take to develop an app?

How Long Does It Take To Build An App?

Should you develop an Android or iOS app?

Should You Develop An Android Or iOS App?

How much does an app cost?

How Much Does An App Cost?

How should developers measure the success of your app?

How Should Development Companies Measure The Success Of Your App?

How should developers submit your app to the store?

How Will Developers Submit Your App To The Google Play & App Store?

How should developer test your app?

How Should App Development Companies Test Your App?

How often should developers update your app?

How Often Should Development Companies Update Your App?

3 SIDED CUBE is a global mobile app development company and digital tech agency. Winner of Agency of the Year at UK App Developer Awards. 3 SIDED CUBE specialise in app strategy, design and development of mobile apps on both iOS and Android. We use Tech For Good to have social impact, for charities and brands that make a difference.


“So there are a lot of really good directories now, I think a few years ago they didn’t exist but now they do. So directories like Clutch, the Business of Apps – really good resources. So it allows you to look at a number of – basically all the development agencies by sector. Look at their case studies, client testimonials, and the kind of budgets that they work in.

There are a lot of agencies out there and I think to find the right one for you, you do need to do a lot of due diligence first. So I think do the due diligence through directories, go to their website, try and find out a bit more about the people that work there, and then I think, get in there for a meeting. Face-to-face is always best, I think over the phone obviously if distance is an issue, and don’t be put off by distance.

You know, we’re a small team of around 35 based in Bournemouth and we work with clients in over 100 countries. Distance doesn’t faze us. But for some people it might be more important than other, but don’t think that someone can’t help you if they’re based in a different country or four hours down the road. You’ve got to have your list of criteria for how you’re going to benchmark those agencies and be clear with it, because if you want the best result you have to be very clear upfront.

Yeah, so Clutch, Business of Apps and then get in there for a face-to-face meeting. We get approached on a daily basis by quite a lot of people and it would be almost impossible to speak to every single one face-to-face. So, you know, there is a qualification process in place with us and I’m sure that a lot of agencies have that qualification process. But my advice would be absolutely try and get in there for a meeting and see if you’ve got chemistry as a team. And as long as that team are as passionate, and they’ve got, you know, a good set of credentials then I do think that they should be considered.”

Write Once, Deploy on Many Platforms and App Stores with Intel XDK

Quickly and easily create mobile apps with Intel XDK all-in-one development platform that works with all the major app stores. Learn about this free tool from this informative Intel video.

React Native Tutorial 4: Hello World

Learn how to write a Hello World program in React native on iOS and Android devices!

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