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Program app would attract more registrations with online registration forms and get real-time updates on the numbers. Build this app on a low-code platform, Deluge, powered by Zoho Creator. This is a simple drag-and-drop interface and a few lines of guided scripting. 

Through this Program Management App, appoint supervisors to oversee the whole program and delegate individual tasks to other volunteers. As soon as you assign organizers and add participants, an email automatically gets delivered to them with all updates regarding the program, such as cancellation and rescheduling. You can also automate the app to send periodic reminders to everyone as the program date approaches.

From business conferences to galas, manage every program with clockwork precision.
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Getting started with android studio how to make your first app with a blank activity

Company domain does NOT contain the name of the program!
It should look like this
Name: Blank Activity
Company Name:
Package Name: com.johnstutorials.blankactivity
Sorry Youtube wont let add text to the video explaining this.
Today we are:
Getting started with android studio how to make your first app with a blank activity.
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Ever wanted to make apps? Nows your chance to learn from these videos. I started this channel of pure android studios related videos and its going good so far. You can learn a lot from these videos, even how to make your own apps. I’m shocked at the sudden rise in subscribers but I ain’t even mad. I’m going to see just how many subscribers I can get. From now starting May 17th, 2015 at 0 subscribers I’m shooting for 20 subscribers at the end of July 2015. So subscribe for more of the latest videos from John’s Android Studios Tutorials.
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How to import existing Android Studio Project In to Android Studio with New Package Name

Please watch: “How to add Facebook Banner Ad in Android Application” –~–
In this video i am going to show you How to import existing Android Studio Project In to Android Studio with New Package Name with out any errors.

Method i used here is a simple copy paste one, you can easily follow.

Convert your website or blog to android app :

Setup Android Studio:

Generate signed APK in Android Studio:

Xamarin. Framework for cross-platform mobile apps development (Russian Version)

WaveAccess senior developers revealed the key moments of the Xamarin development on the recently released project. Particular attention was paid to the difficulties faced with the iOS and Android coding.

How to create first android app in android studio # Hello World App Android Studio Tutorial 2019

A simple hello world app using Android Studio 2.1.2 which displays text on screen.A tutorial for all android beginners explained in a simple and easy way.

This tutorial is for everyone who knows Java, if you do not know Java, learn it first. I also have another video that should help you to get started.

*Most important topic in java programming *

*Try catch:- *

*Throw and throws:- *

*Abstract Class:- *

*File Handling:- *

*Package in Java:- *

*Interface in java:- *

*Multiple Inheritance using Interface :- *

*Thread in java(Class):- *

*Thread in java(Interface):- *

*Static keyword :- *

*Wrapper Class:- *

*Constructor in java:- *

*Copy Constructor: – *

*First Java Code (Hello World) :- *

*Constructor Overloading :- *

in This Android Programming tutorial following topic cover

1) How to create first android app in android studio
2) AndroidManifest.xml File Introduction
3) How to Run Android app in Mobile device
4) How to enable Developer Option in mobile device
5) Introduction of Android Studio
6) How to change TextView Properties
7) HelloWorld Application using Android Studio 2.1.2
8) Quick & Easy Learning with Examples (2018)

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A quick hello world app using Xcode 10

A quick hello world app tutorial using Xcode 10. This video is for absolute beginners and shows you how to start a new Xcode 10 project and create a simple hello world app under 2 mins.

Create Icon with Long Shadow for Your Mobile App

Video shows you how to create nice looking icon with your logo and long shadow using free image editing software GIMP.

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iPhone Apps 101 – How to Connect UI to Code with Xcode Storyboard and Swift 4 (19/29)

iPhone Apps 101 – How to Connect UI to Code with Xcode Storyboard and Swift 4 (19/29)

Connect UI to Swift Code.

After you design your UI in Storyboard you can connect it to code using Actions and Outlets (IBAction and IBOutlet).

The connection allows you to control the UI using Swift code and let’s you process user input or respond to button presses.

If you get a crash on start, you probably broke a connection when you renamed it. Check out my next video on how to fix it.

I recommend that you start over again, and see if you can fix the issue. (Make a copy of your project or use Github to keep track of changes)

Learn how to make iPhone apps from scratch using Swift 4, Xcode 9, and iOS 11. I teach how to use Storyboard, Auto Layout, UI Design, app ideas, and app usability.

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Unity 3D – Surviveland – Modular Building System | Dev Preview #4


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