Android App Development Tutorial 2 – Android vs iOS, Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, and Web Apps

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In this second episode of android java development, we talk about Android vs iOS, Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, and Web Apps. Hope to see you around for the whole series!

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Build an Image Carousel with React in 5 Minutes (incl. Gesture Support, Hooks)

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Want to Build a Complete Image Slideshow and Carousel with React with great features like Gesture Support and made with Hooks? In this tutorial, we’ll see how to do just that, all in around 5 minutes. react image gallery

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Starting Code:
Final Code:

How to leverage React Native to build mobile apps fast

You would have to close your eyes when reviewing 2019’s Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results and not notice the most popular programming language amongst developers continues to be JavaScript. Whilst this trend has remained largely unchanged the past 7 years; a more recent evolution is the realisation that a single code base for multiple environments is not a pipe-dream, and there is no longer a need to have multiple native applications for both iOS and Android.

In this session we will dive into the current popularity of mobile development with React Native, building our own mobile application using GraphQL API, and some common libraries that will help accelerate the development process.

This webinar will be suitable for those who are interested in extending their web-development skill sets and build a hybrid application that can be deployed to mobile platforms.

Guest speaker:
Ioanna Lampropoulou, Senior Software Engineer at Sea/ with 8+ years of experience in building products in shipping, banking and retail. Ioanna joined Sea/ in 2017 and worked in projects with a huge impact on the company, modernising many of its current processes. Keen on exploring new technologies, defining best practices and providing insightful solutions, she moved from writing COBOL and RPG for core banking systems to JavaScript and React in the shipping sector.

Let's Build a React Native App: React Navigation

I’m building a React Native application and I’m taking you along for the ride!

I’ll be vlogging my experience of creating a brand new React Native app with Expo.

This episode shows how to use React Navigation for a React Native app.

Follow the repo’s progress:

React Native Tutorial – How to Build a Mobile App Using React Native

Learn more advanced front-end and full-stack development at:

React Native is a framework for creating mobile apps using only JS. It uses the same UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android applications. In this React Native Tutorial, we explain what React Native is and how it’s different from typical ‘native’ mobile applications, before highlighting the general steps it takes to build a React Native app.

Watch this video to learn:

– What is React Native and why choose it
– React Native’s features, utility, and painful points
– The perks of React Native’s built-in functionality through a demo

Develop Android And IOS Apps – React Native | Frankeey

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A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer
Basics Of HTML and CSS Is Required
Who This Course Is For:
Anyone who wants to be an app developer: This is a complete course, just like Ethical Hacking And Web Design courses. It will teach you how to make money from your apps as well as how to code.
Anyone who wants to understand how computers work: Learning to code is so much more than being able to make apps – knowing how computers work is your key to a hugely powerful world.
Anyone who wants to learn to code: JavaScript is a fantastic language to learn how to code with.

gikApp – React Native Android App Demo

Full Documentation: WordPress React Native Full App, how to create a mobile APP for WordPress website. Create your WordPress mobile app in 3 minutes. WordPress React full app documentation.

How to Install and Setup Flutter for App Development on Mac – Part 2

How to install and setup Flutter on Mac – Part 2

In this series, we introduce you to the joys of working with Flutter and Dart to build iOS and Android apps with just one codebase and only one programming language.

Limited time only, get the full course for just $10!

Create native modules in react native for android | free code tutorials

Learn web development and mobile development for free with me RED62 . we are going to start for the beginning and go all the way to Iot devices, mobile development , frontend and backend server side development , some desktop applications and of course some real world production stuff. Using React , React Native , NodeJs , Express . Come and enjoy the ride of taking idea to product through code .
Any questions feel free to drop it in the comments section. Also do not forget to like , share , and subscribe . Many more videos to come in the near future. Also follow me for updates and other good stuff.

Configuração do Linux para desenvolvimento Android

Aprenda a configurar o Linux para desenvolvimento Android ao trabalhar com React Native.

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