Construindo Mobile Apps com Sencha Touch 2 e Phonegap – Parte 2

Construiremos uma app mobile com Sencha Touch 2 e Phonegap.
Conteúdo será dividido em vários vídeos e artigos escritos.

Parte 1 disponível aqui:



Quick and Easy Web Development with Sencha

Do you want to know how to develop complex cross-platform enterprise web applications? How can you come from an idea to a working prototype in a couple of days? How can you visualise and handle in a browser huge enterprise data sets in Grids, PivotGrids, Trees and Charts? In our webinar, Olga Petrova will show you a detailed overview of Sencha Ext JS and Architect, and their technical advantages for developing business-critical data-intensive web applications.

This video is ideal for Delphi developers creating web applications.

This webinarrecording is presented by:
Olga Petrova, Sales Engineer – Sencha
Ben Gilbert, Account Manager – Grey Matter

Getting Started with Sencha Eclipse Plugin

Hi everyone,

I decided to record a screencast to show how to install and use the Sencha Eclipse Plugin. I recorded in English and I tried to speak slowly as I could. I did not use a script, but promisse I will use in my next one!

Hope this screencast can help you in any way!


HTML5 and the dawn of rich mobile web applications (pt. 1 of 6)

Presenter: Michael Mullany, VP of Products and Marketing, Sencha

HTML5 and its related technologies are enabling new ways to build beautiful sites and applications for contemporary mobile devices. Native mobile
developers can now use web technologies to surmount cross-platform headaches, and desktop web developers can reach mobile users in familiar, app-like ways. This session explores the state of the art in HTML5-based mobile web frameworks and demonstrates the practical possibilities that this powerful and standards-based approach can bring.

Siddharth Ram hosted this Meetup Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at Microsoft Silicon Valley Building 1 (SVC-1)

Building Multi-device Apps with Sencha Complete

We’ll be discussing performance enhancement for Ext JS 4.1 applications.

Spring and Sencha – A Match Made In Heaven (or at least the cloud)

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2013 in Santa Clara, CA
Speakers: Lou Crocker, John Ferguson
Much like Spring burst onto the scene and became a defacto standard for Java, Sencha is vying for a similar role in the world of HTML5. From Ext JS for desktop development, Sencha Touch for mobile, and Sencha Architect as a design tool, it has become a pervasive technology in the new paradigm of multi-client development.

In this session we will use our own SpringTrader reference application to illustrate integration techniques of Spring with Sencha. We will go beyond the basic wiring of a REST call with binding results to UI components, and look at mapping the Spring MVC and Sencha MVC architectures, along with other tips and tricks to streamline your mobile application development efforts.