MeWe Social Network App – The Next Generation of User Privacy & Simplicity

MeWe is a Social Network Mobile App that brings Simplicity back to Social Networking. MeWe allows you to stay in touch with your closest friends that you actually care about instead of being cluttered with targeted ads, social quizzes and posts you don’t want to read. Download MeWe:


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Hands-on With Facebook's AR Studio to Create Snapchat-like Camera Effects

This week at its F8 conference, Facebook debuted its Camera Effects Platform for developers and design to create Snapchat-style camera effects using a new Mac app called AR Studio.

Download Android Apps on Blackberry 10 (no computer)

This is an a lot easier way to download android apps. you just need to visit this website

and follow the video.

I had a Video to download android apps on Blackberry 10 devices using 1mobile market. this is where you can watch it.

Thanks for watching

Make an Android App Like SNAPCHAT – Part 5 – Camera Preview Tutorial

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**Series Description**

Learn how to create an SNAPCHAT like android app

I’ll show you how you can do this in the simplest way and terms possible.

By the end of this series you’ll have learned how the big companies do it and will be able to do the same, you not only will be able to do this app, but you’ll be able to put what you learn into your very own projects!

Any question, ask me in the comments, every question gets an answer!

**In This Video**

Make an Android App Like SNAPCHAT – Part 5 – Camera Preview

1 – Introduction – 0:40
2 – Getting Manifest Permissions – 1:15
3 – CameraFragment’s Layout – 2:45
4 – Coding – 3:55
5 – Adding a Callback – 6:40
6 – Setting Camera’s Parameters – 8:25
7 – Checking For Permissions – 12:45
8 – Getting Permissions Request Result – 16:45
9 – Logout Button – 19:45
10 – Compile & Test – 25:20


Github Project:

**Intro and Outro Song**

Arman Cekin – California Dreaming

Android App Tutorials – Build Snapchat Ep. 4 – Animating TabLayout

In this video we go over how to animate our custom TabLayout as we scroll in our view pager.

Android App Tutorials – Build Snapchat Ep. 2 – ViewPager

Episode 2 in the Build Snapchat series where we focus on building the core pages and navigating between then using a ViewPager

Android App Tutorials – Build Snapchat Ep. 3 – TabLayout UI

Episode 3 in the Build Snapchat series where we focus on building the UI for the custom TabLayout

10 Predictions about 2019 for Developers

Ten predictions about 2019 from the mind of a JavaScript developer. Learn about trends in web development, native apps, social media, and more.

Easiest way to Make a Podcast/Radio Station – How to use Anchor! (Surprise at end ?)

How’s it going everyone?! Today we are going to be taking a look at Anchor! If you’ve ever wanted to create your own Radio Show or Podcast of any kind, this is THE EASIEST way to do that! Also, we have a little surprise at the end of the video! Hope you enjoy!

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Install Google Play Store to the BlackBerry 10

Learn how to download and install the Google Play Store to your BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, P’9982, Z3, P’9983, Passport, Classic, and Leap.
Download files available here:

Download Android apps to your BlackBerry with the Google Play App Store. Please note that not every Google Play app will work on the BlackBerry, but many will.