So You Wanna Build an App?

People who have ideas often approach me to ask how to get a mobile app built. So let’s dive into what it may take to get started on your mobile app idea!

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How Much Does It Cost to Build An Android App for A Start up Business in India in 2019?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Android App Development company for A Start-up Business in India in 2019?

A startup business is one of the most engaging concepts which is reeling in the current space around us today. Every startup has the ability to grow further if it gets the right methodologies to work along with.

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You should know that start up is not about having a brilliant idea executing it and becoming a overnight success .but actually it is handling of extreme uncertainty it is an experiment where we have to test and learn faster than our competitor an experiment where we have no exact idea about the outcome we will get

Similarly most of the startups fail because they work hard on all the technical stuff, spend lot of money time and energy in efficiently creating a product that nobody wants.. remember your question here should not be wheather you can build the product or not but whether you should build it or not . most of them fail because they work on conventional management that is researching the market .coming with a great statergy and delivering a great product . but this approach does not works with startups because the problem is one simply cannot assume the market for the product before lauching it .. we cant predict the response of the costomers before they actually use it

But this failure is avoidable the solution to the above problem is the lean startup methodoly that will avoid startups to fail lean start up is based on the concept of build measure and learn . you should build a minimum viable product then measure the response and reactions from your costomers and learn wheather your ideas are really working the way it should work or you need to change something in it for a better respose . you should repeat this cycle until your product is getting great response

When you start making your minimum viable product start by putting 2 ofr 3 key things which you think will make your start up a success then think how you can test that assumption with the cheap and fastest way possible . remember your mvp is not your final product it is just for testing so make it simple and cheap which should just cover the critical points of your idea and it should have only things which can help you to get a good feedback and make you learn about the product and sales

pivot or persevere
If your key assumption are getting positive feedback then persevere and improve your product to a better one . but if your key assumptions are not getting positive feedback then you should propably pivot that is try to change your execution or focus on different costomer segment or try something different which could bring results and again follow the cycle E.G. Kevin systrom made burbn a check-in app that included gaming elements from Mafia Wars, and a photo element as well. He was worried that burbn had too much clutter and would never be a huge success . so by measuring and learning they came to know that burb users used only one feature more dominantely then any other feature it provided and it was the photography element of the app . so along with his co founder Mike Krieger took a risk dropped all the features expect photography made it better on that feature and this is how instagram was formed.

You may have to experiment a lot to finally get the results you want . most of the people fail in startup because either they quit after not achieving the desired result even after working hard or else they just keep on working harder doing the same thing and expecting a different result . which is not so smart . to avoid failure you just need to pivot or change your approach sometimes . which people usually fail to realize . and sometimes it just better drop your idea if you are not getting any positive response even after completing the cycle many times .

Everything you do should be done considering your customer if you are building something which costomer don’t want then don’t think you will succeed

How to Sell Your App Idea in 60 Seconds or Less!

Adam Arellano Founder of Suite Twenty Four discusses how to sell your app idea in 60 seconds or less to potential investors.


Suite Twenty Four can assist you to turn your idea into a successful app. We provide a full suite of services that include; development, consulting, design, marketing and finance options to turn your idea into a reality. Inquiry today and see how we can help you:

The business of love: dating app startups struggle against giants like Tinder and Bumble

The business of love is booming for the big players, but for dating-app startups, getting off the ground can be a struggle against the likes of Tinder and Bumble.

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Bubble: Building Software Without Code w/ Emmanuel Straschnov

HyperChat #10. I sat down with Bubble Co-CEO/Founder Emmanuel Straschnov to discuss how his company is accelerating the trend of ‘Software Eating The World’. Bubble allows users to build custom (and scalable) apps in just weeks, with no coding required. Let me know what you think of the interview in the comments below!!

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This is part 4 of our Real Estate Property platform build (PropTech) using Ruby on Rails 6. In this video we are updating the agent profile page to show a cover image, user details and stats about properties leased and sold. Users can now change the status of properties to mark them as leased or sold from their user account when signed in.

We will also add blog posts to the app and improve the homepage styling. In the backend we add an accounts page for admin accounts and ability to add/edit/update blog entries.

In part 1 ( of this real estate video tutorial we covered user sign up / sign in / edit account using the very popular devise gem. We also allowed users to add properties once they sign up and approve their account. In part 2 we improved the layout of our property page to make it more professional.

If you want to learn more about startups then check out my website at for useful startup related materials, from the website you can also purchase a completed version of the Property Platform MVP ( as a starter for your own project, we also have web app clones for Instagram and Craigslist:

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This walkthrough uses Ruby on Rails 6. Rails is great for building web apps really quickly. In this tutorial series we are building a working real estate platform that allow agents and customers to interact and upload their properties and schedule viewings. Remember to subscribe for more videos on how to use Ruby on Rails for startups and app development.

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Language learning app Beelinguapp lets you read and listen to stories in different languages side by side.

Learn how its founder and CEO David Montiel is singlehandedly building a successful subscriptions business on Google Play while traveling the world.

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