iOS How to Specify Size Class Specific Constraints

You’ll learn how to specify size class specific constraints in this video. For this particular demo, we’re doing it for the landscape orientation.

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IOS 11+, Swift 4+, intermediates, Tutorial : Today Extension iOS Tutorial ( Notification Center )

Welcome to Today Extension iOS Tutorial !

Level : intermediates

App extensions were introduced in iOS to extend the reach of your app to some parts of the OS. The Today Extensions provides a quick widget in the Notification Center. In this tutorial we will create a Today Extension, which will show the current iOS version of the device. This tutorial is made with Xcode 9 and built for iOS 11.

You will be using NotificationCenter, NCWidgetProviding, ProcessInfo, operatingSystemVersion, widgetPerformUpdate, .majorVersion, .minorVersion, @IBAction, @IBOutlet , .patchVersion and understand how to add side constraint to object by Xcodes.

I ‘ll all show you various ways to implementing it.

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IOS, Swift, Tutorial, Tricks, programmatically , Xcode , IOS 11+, Swift 4+, Beginners, Tutorial , intermediate , senior , IOS 11, Swift 4,

NotificationCenter, NCWidgetProviding, ProcessInfo, operatingSystemVersion, widgetPerformUpdate, .majorVersion, .minorVersion, @IBAction, @IBOutlet , .patchVersion

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iOS Development Tutorial – Build Interactive and Social Networking Apps with Parse

Hey everyone,

It’s Duc. Welcome to the first sample chapter from Build Interactive Social Networking Apps Course. I designed this course to help developers design, prototype, and build interactive apps with social networking apps. I also hope that from the learning experience and hands-on challenges in this course, my students will go out there developing their apps with great care for design in mind.

I do hope that this course can attract a large amount of designers and push them to try out developing their own apps from their wonderful ideas and prototypes and designs.

The course will focus on four main goals by accomplishing two fully functional apps:

— Teach you to design UI in Sketch 3. I’m not a professional designer but if you look at the project and after watching and practicing with this video, I hope that you find Sketch incredibly easy to use.

— Prototype any app ideas (with Flinto in this course). Never go straight ahead spending weeks developing your apps right away. “Fake it til you make it!”. Have a prototype.

— Implement interactive features (things like customized transitions, animation, carousel home screen, stretchy headers…). Create social networking features for your apps.

— Finally, hands-on challenges. I want you to own this course and own the two projects in this course. I will walk every step along the way with you but the only way you learn anything new and make it stick with you is to do it yourself.

Swift 4 :- How to Change iOS App Language OR Localization in iOS Hindi.

iOS(Video):- in this video I will teach how to work with internationalization and localization ios app, how to change ios app language step-by-step guide in Swift Hindi.

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How to Make Apps for iPhone | Learn to Code in Playgrounds – Ep3

How to make apps. Want to learn how code and make apps for iOS? We’ve made these video tutorials for you. The best part? You don’t need any programming experience. All you need is Xcode and a keen mind. WE will take you through how to develop apps step-by-step. We’ll walkthrough the whole process of app programming.

In lesson 3, we show you Xcode Playgrounds and get you started learning how to code in Swift 2. Everything is fully updated to the latest software versions so you can follow along and use our step-by-step walkthrough to learn how to code. We will talk about data types and variables and how you would use them to make iPhone Apps.

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We aim to be the fastest way for people with no programming experience to learn how to code and how to make apps. Love playing with iPhone and iPad apps? Why not learn how to create them too? Do you want to quit your job and become an app developer? We’re here for you. Do you want to make your own games? We’re here for you!

Updated to the latest version of Xcode (Xcode 7) for making apps in Swift 2 for iOS9.

Scrollview in Swift using Xcode – iOS App Development part 1

The video shows how to implement scrollview in swift using Xcode. Don’t forget to check my Website:

Scrollview in Swift using Xcode – iOS App Development

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Swift 3: Audible – How to handle Landscape and Portrait Orientation (Ep 7)

Device rotation is quite a tricky thing to handle in iOS. Today we’ll take a look at how to modify out login component to redraw the layout of our UICollectionView cells when transitioning to landscape/portrait orientations.

In addition, we’ll render different images based on which orientation we are in. Finally we will make sure the page is in the right location when the device is rotated


Completed Source Code

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Let’s Build An iPhone App! | Day #6 | Cycles – Daily Habit Creator v1.3.3 | Prior App Store Top 3


Welcome to the 28 Day iPhone Development Livestream Series! During these streams you will experience iOS/watchOS development done on an application that is LIVE in the app store downloaded by thousands of people. Watch along to see how apps like this are made and make sure to stop by one of the live streams!

Cycles – Daily Habit Creator is an application that is here to help you build habits easier and more efficiently. With Cycles’ easy to use interface and straight forward concept spend more time focusing on building habits to better your life instead of wasting time on figuring out HOW to accomplish them. Cycles is available NOW in the App Store.

NOTE: This footage is raw stream footage from Twitch. Due to some copyright issues, you may notice gaps in audio. Sorry in advance for this.