Building Desktop Apps in Visual Studio "15"

If you are a .NET or C# developer, the next release of Visual Studio brings significant improvements for building Desktop apps. From XAML authoring and debugging all the way to helping get your Win32 application into the Windows Store – we will have the right tools for you. Along the way, we will highlight some of the improvements we are making to our runtimes to make your apps even better on Windows 10.

The Perfect Team Building Tool! Summoners War

Join Demone aka Demonevational In This Summoners War Video as talk about a feature that could change everything for you!

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Part-2 SHARE Frendy App, build your community – English Mobile Version

Generally, you get a one-time reward when you refer a friend to download an app? But Frendy offers lifetime rewards for building a community on Frendy.

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How To Create Checklists In the iPhone Notes App

In this tutorial you are going to learn how create checklists in the notes app on iPad and iPhone on iOS9.

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Create a Note

Tap the Floating ‘+’ Button then tap the checklist button.
A checkmark will appear. Type the name of the checkmark. Press Return to create another one. Repeat as needed and click Done.

Tap on the Checkmarks to Mark Them Complete

WordPress to App (Android, IOs, Winphone) – Review WP2Android

WordPress to App (Android, IOs, Winphone) – Review WP2Android on real device


We using database + plugin, so you just run plugin and got your app, no coding, config anything. NO CRASH, because we use database not JSON API, You also can try app build, app post demo before you buy

WP2Android is WordPress plugin that enables users to convert their WordPress Blog into a native mobile App.

Xcode 4 One tutorial: Using the iOS Simulator |

This tutorial shows how to test iOS applications using the iOS Simulator in Xcode 4. Watch more at

This tutorial is a single movie from the Xcode 4 Essential Training course presented by author Bill Weinman. The complete course duration is 4 hours and 13 minutes and covers all of the Xcode features for software developing on the OS and iOS platforms, including code editing, compiling, debugging, and more

1. Getting Started
2. Editing Code
3. Version Control
4. Interface Builder
5. Storyboards
6. Compiling
7. Debugging
8. Workspaces
9. Static Analysis Tools
10. The iOS Simulator