TeamViewer for Android is a handy way to control computers, tablets, and smartphones remotely. However, it can prove to be a double-edged sword. Anyone with access to your unlocked phone can request remote control of saved systems and potentially access sensitive and confidential data. Fortunately, the latest update introduces a security feature that has been a long time coming.

You can finally lock the app behind biometric authentication, which prevents unauthorized access even if your phone is lying around unlocked. Even better, you can’t make use of the phone’s lock pattern or pin code to unlock the app — the app needs a body part (for biometrics, not as a sacrifice).

If you frequently open the app, you can even choose to delay the lock by up to 10 minutes. 

While you can’t forget your fingerprint password, TeamViewer allows you to disable biometric protection, which could come in handy in the rare case your biometric hardware turns faulty. Disabling it will also erase your connection history and remove any signed-in account, thus preventing unwanted access.

If you haven’t updated the app yet, head over to the Google Play Store or grab the APK from APK Mirror.

TeamViewer Remote Control
TeamViewer Remote Control