The social app that leads the way on gender identities, adding 35 genders and 50 pronouns


The world of technology sometimes lags behind society in ways that are obvious when you actually use its various apps and services. It’s now a fairly widely accepted attitude that the gender spectrum is as wide as anything could be.

That means that being forced to pigeonhole yourself with a limited set of pronouns and genders as defined by a tech boardroom somewhere can feel not just restrictive but sometimes harmful. That’s why Yubo, the truly social app, has made such big steps on this front recently. Check out what it’s achieved, below.

A huge range of genders

As we’ve said, gender identity is a hugely personal and massively complicated concept, and given Yubo’s younger audience it’s only right that it makes room for fluidity and variety on this front. That’s why a recent update deployed 35 different gender identities for its users to pick from, a range that puts most other big social media options to shame.

Here’s the full list of options:

This range of options cements Yubo’s place as one of the most welcoming and diverse social spaces in the online world, one in which having pride in your identity isn’t something that needs to be worried about.

Multilingual pronoun options

Of course, another big part of one’s gender identity in the online world, and in real-life interactions, is the question of pronouns. Again, it’s increasingly accepted by progressive thinkers that pronouns don’t have to be some awkward bugbear, so long as there are options for everyone and you feel comfortable with your own choice.

Having pronouns in your bio on Yubo can make interactions easier and help to avoid any risk of trauma or simple awkwardness, and is another way to reinforce the idea that you should be able to express yourself freely in the virtual world. That’s why alongside the genders above, Yubo also added a huge range of 50 pronouns in every language used on Yubo, as you can see below:

This gives gender-diverse users the opportunity to pick pronouns that they feel comfortable with and is a key part of Yubo’s approach to inclusivity on its platform, something from which other social media networks could certainly stand to learn.

Truly relaxed socialising

After all, the entire point of Yubo’s approach to social media is to encourage real and meaningful relationships and shared experiences, in which you can stream together and chat with new acquaintances and friends alike.

That’s something that becomes way easier to embrace and take part in when you don’t have to worry about clarifying your pronouns or gender because it’s all right there in your bio for everyone to check out.

These sorts of steps make a big difference, and Yubo’s committed to maintaining its positive and inclusive policies going forward. You can check out the app for yourself by downloading it on the App Store or Google Play store, to join the community.


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