TikTok and WeChat US ban reversed by Biden


President Joe Biden has revoked former President Donald Trump’s executive orders against Chinese-owned apps TikTok and WeChat. Trump’s orders, from last August, called their use a “national emergency”.

With the new order signed by Biden, the current administration also outlines criteria for identifying apps that may pose “unacceptable risk” to national security and requires the US Commerce Department to investigate apps linked with foreign adversaries, such as China. It can take action if they’re found to present a risk.  

The order also calls upon federal agencies to develop recommendations – for future executive actions or legislation – that protect against the collection, sale, and transfer of sensitive US consumer data to foreign adversaries.

Trump’s pair of executive orders from last year barred transactions with TikTok and required Chinese parent ByteDance to sell the app’s US business. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) under the Trump administration even set deadlines for TikTok to divest from ByteDance.

Oracle and Walmart reportedly tried to strike an odd deal last year to either purchase TikTok or help it to avoid a ban with a workaround, but that deal never actually happened despite appearing to have Trump’s unofficial approval. 

Pocket-lint has contacted TikTok for a comment and will report if we hear back. 


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