TikTok now lets anyone make three-minute videos, up from 60 seconds


Would you watch a three-minute-long TikTok?

Currently, TikTok videos max out at 60 seconds, but the company will soon give users the ability to record longer videos. Technically, it started testing the option to shoot TikToks up to three minutes in length last December. The feature was in the early stages with limited access, but over the past seven months, some of the platform’s best-known creators have been granted access to longer videos. Now, everyone is getting the feature.

Starting 1 July 2021 and “over the coming week”, TikTok said it will roll out that capability to all users. You’ll get a notification from the app once you can use it. “With longer videos, creators will have the canvas to create new or expanded types of content on TikTok, with the flexibility of a bit more space”, TikTok said.

Keep in mind part of what makes TikTok so unique is that its videos are short and sweet. If you want longer content, you go to YouTube or another platform. Will users want to swipe through a For You Page filled with videos suddenly three-times longer? That’s a lot of time, and we could see that getting annoying real quick. On the other hand, as TikTok suggested in its blog post, it could allow TikTok creators to get, well, more creative.

There is bound to be a lot of criticism. But, as time passes, perhaps we’ll all just get used to it and forget about the days of 60-second TikToks.

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